Campaigners for Change Reacts to ‘Misinformation’


A Civil society organization, The Campaigners for Change, has condemned the misinformation communicated to the public that the Campaigners were calling on authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to resign.

Speaking recently at a press conference at Market Place in Monrovia, the organization’s national director, Vandalark Patricks, described the allegation as false, saying the Campaigners had been misunderstood. 

“We never called for the resignation of any official of the LNP but rather the President and Vice President of Liberia.

“We want to make this clarification that some group under the banner of Campaigners for Peace last May called some eminent personalities “all kinds of names.”

The Campaigners for Change is different from Campaigners for Peace,” he stated.

According to Patricks, the Campaigners for Change recently sent a communication appealing to the Director of the Liberia National Police, Col. Chris C. Massaquoi, to make sure that the death of a Liberian that occurred on 27 September at the ELWA junction is fully investigated.

“This communication was received by the Director of Police, who assured us that a thorough investigation would be conducted and the findings would be out by the end of October.”

Patricks thanked the Police Director for suspending the officers allegedly involved and appealed to the Police Director to submit the report as soon as possible.

Last Wednesday, Patricks told reporters that he did not want the investigation to be delayed as in the case of Sharki Kamara, who several weeks ago was shot in West Point allegedly by AFL soldiers and subsequently died of his wounds.

“We believe that as an activist organization, the police are our friends.

 “I went to several intellectual centers and was approached about the issue and Radio Veritas reportedly accused us of not being serious minded people, but that we were involved in taking money from people,” Patricks complained.

Meanwhile Patricks called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to redirect her attention to the fight against the deadly Ebola virus instead of seeking more power in combating the Ebola virus as expressed in her recent letter to the Legislature.


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