Campaigner Wants New Mindset to Change Liberia

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A young activist has urged his fellow compatriots to take steps to advance their country, instead of always decrying it as a poor nation.
“We sit as Liberians and watch other countries develop. All we do is sing praises for those countries while we criticize our own as being poor,” said Thomas B. Massaquoi, addressing the leadership of the student government of Klay Agriculture Vocational Training Center (KAVTC), which was recently installed.
KAVTC is a tuition-free institute, run in Klay District, Bomi County by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
“Why don’t we develop our country? If we don’t do it, who will do it for us?” he asked.
Massaquoi, coordinator of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) for Grand Cape Mount County, said “Liberians on the average speak of the negatives about their country, not the positives. If you speak of the bad, also speak of the positives. Speaking of the negatives alone won’t carry the country anywhere.”
“People take steps towards change. It is not enough to discuss change without action. If we embark on a new behavior, the change we want will come.
“Feed your mind with positives. Get the negatives out of your mind so you can live a better life,” he said.
In a passionate tone, Massaquoi pointed out to the trainees at KAVTC that success in life is one’s own journey, “If you don’t do things that will bring about change, your life will not change. If you don’t plan for the future, you will not reach there.”
Encouraging the trainees to learn well for their respective communities, Massaquoi said their districts, towns and villages were awaiting their return in expectation that they would help improve agriculture in those areas.
“The district, the town, the village is waiting to see what you have learned. The communities will monitor your activities. So learn to be assets and not liabilities,” noted.
In his inaugural address, the president of the KAVTC student government, Mohammed K. Daramie promised to work with the center’s administration and fellow trainees to make KAVTC a more conducive place for learning.
Noting that the key word to success is focus, Daramie said he and his fellow students have resolved to make a change in the agriculture sector.
“The student body is determined to make a change. We already have a cooperative to buttress government’s efforts. We will work with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to sustain agriculture,” he said.
Earlier, Deputy Minister for Youth Development Charles Saah N’Tow, who conducted the installation, called on the leadership to consider all members of the student body as part of the leadership, urging all to work cooperatively to achieve their common good.
“Everyone is a leader so no one should be left out in your activities. Anyone whose action influences the group, be it bad or good, is a leader,” he noted. “Remember the group is as strong as its weakest link,” he noted.
Those installed along with Daramine were Momo T. Mensco, vice president; Mohammed A. M. Sessay, general secretary; Roland Davies, financial secretary; Winston Dixon, treasurer; Daniel Koholo, disciplinary chairman; and Mohammed Konneh, chaplain.


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