Cameroon’s Role in Difficult Times Acknowledged


Deputy Foreign Minister Elias Shoniyin has said that Liberians will remember Cameroon as a true African friend for its role during the Ebola epidemic.

In his address on the occasion marking the observance of Cameroon’s 43rd National Unity Day held at a local hotel Wednesday, Minister Shoniyin recalled that while most countries were shutting the doors of their embassies for fear of the Ebola virus, Cameroon’s embassy remained open.

Furthermore, Minister Shoniyin recalled that a Cameroonian doctor, Patrick Nshamdze who served at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital during the Ebola crisis, lost his life.

These two instances put Cameroon in Liberia’s history and will always be remembered, declared Shoniyin.

Cameroon did all these things while it was facing terrorist threats  from Boko Haram coupled with the instability in the Central African Republic.

On the Boko Haram crisis, Shoniyin stressed the need for concerted efforts among African countries to help restore peace and stability in Nigeria and other neighboring countries, including Cameroon.

In his National Unity Day address, Cameroonian Ambassador to Liberia, Beng’yela GANG extended commendation to the government and people of Liberia for their resilience in fighting the Ebola scourge.

He said Liberia’s victory was   not only limited to its territorial confines but their assistance to Sierra Leone to help fight the disease.

He recalled the demise of Dr. Nshamdze, in his fight against the Ebola virus.

Ambassador GANG on the issue of Boko Haram, said, the Islamist militant group has in recent times launched a series of attacks on Cameroonian farmers, villagers, and others which has caused over 150 schools to close down.

However, Ambassador GANG said Cameroon’s valor has halted Boko Haram’s attacks, acknowledging that France, EU, UK, USA and others have pledged to support the multi-national force to be formed in Africa to flush out the terrorist group.

Despite the pledge, Ambassador GANG said a quick response is needed to fight the Boko Haram threat.


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