Call For COVID -19 Treatment Center in Nimba, Intensifies


As Nimba records second case

The call for the establishment of COVID – 19 treatment center in Nimba County is intensifying as the number of cases continue to rise.

Mr. J. Alexander Nyan Jr., Executive Director of the Community Health Education and Social Service (CHESS) – Liberia told the Daily Observer in Nimba that the government needs to speed up with the construction of treatment centers as well as quarantine or holding sites in Nimba, especially Tappita, which is now the epicenter.

He said Tappita being a strategic location in the county, connecting with southeast and also host to a major health facility, it will be prudent to have one treatment facility to avoid taking patients to Monrovia.

“It is better to do that now because the road is getting bad daily, because it will come a time that no car will easily ply the road to Tappita,” he said.

Recently, Rep. Dorwoan Gleekia of Nimba’s District #6 stressed on the need of reconditioning of the Ebola Treatment Unit in Tappita to ease the movement of COVID – 19 patients from Nimba to Monrovia.

There are reportedly two confirmed cases in Nimba, with one dead, but the issue of area to quarantine those contacts and suspected cases remain a challenge for the health.

Recently, the County Health Team rented 35 bed room hotel in Tappita to quarantine patients, but what happen if the influx is huge, some of the citizens wondered.

During the days of Ebola, Nimba had two treatment centers, one in Ganta and the other in Tappita built by the United States Army.

But, prior to the coming of the US Army, the county health team, in collaboration with the Ganta Methodist Hospital, transformed the hospital’s eye clinic in Ganta to an Ebola Treatment Center.

In the latest case in Nimba, the journalists who came in contacts with their colleague, Jeremiah Gayflor, are quarantined along with one private security in the station’s compound, where conditions have been described by the community dwellers as stressful.

But District Commissioner John Wheyee denied this, saying the journalists were kept in their station compound, because they were not at high risk.

He said those, who were at high risk, including the family of journalist Gayflor, were taken to a hotel rented by government in Tappita, where the first contacts from the county’s first case were quarantined.

However, Mr. Nyan is appealing to Nimba Authority to release a budget from the County Social Development Fund to the County Health Team, so as to enhance their ability to meet some of the challenges.

Mr. Nyan said the County Health Team does not even have a good ambulance to speedily transfer affected patients to the only treatment center in Monrovia, a notion Dr. Philip Sahr, Nimba County Health Officer confirmed.


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