Caldwell First Nurse Clocks

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Madam Emily Gibson Parsons, Caldwell’s first nurse and daughter of the late senator of Montserrardo County, John C.A. Gibson recently celebrated her 98th birth anniversary in the township amidst high level euphoria, mainly from her children, grand and great grand children and well-wishers.

The 98 year old woman is the daughter of the late Elizabeth Prichard of the St. Peter Episcopal Church in Caldwell.

Madam Parsons was born on May 8, 1918, in Barbados the Caribbean. She thanked God for reaching her thus far. “Today I feel as though I have been reborn like a one-year-old child. The secret of my long life is by the mercy of the words of God,” she narrated.

“Before I sleep every night, I kneel before my bed every night to recite the Lord’s Pray or read the Bible. So, I think, this is what keeping me alive and will continue to give Him the praises for my life,” Madam Parsons said.

She graduated from the Bromley (all girls) Mission and the Lutheran school where she studied nursing. She has 16 grandchildren including the former Deputy Commerce Minister, Candace B. Eastman and one great grandchild.

For her part, Caldwell Commissioner Alexine Mendscole Howard believes her mom’s long life is by God’s Devine, for which she expressed gratitude to Him for being able to see her mother at 98.

Old age, she said, is a blessing from the Lord.

“We should never be afraid of aging. Christians have a responsibility to show kindness, respect, and to take care of the elderly. Yes we are to respect all people; a certain type of respect that we give to the elderly and our own age group,” Commissioner Howard said.

She said when living by the word of God old age will certainly bring wisdom that is able to help and guide others in need.

“I have learned a lot from Mother Parsons. Sometimes she called me and shared some of her memories with me. So there are lots of things I am still learning from her,” Madam Howard added.

The Caldwell Commissioner said she thankful to God for making her mom the grandmother of her children along with her two siblings.

“We love her so much and will not allow her suffer, once she still alive because she means so much to us despite the age,” Commissioner Howard said.

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