CAC Wants Women Agriculture Project Extended

The Rural Women Economic Empowerment Project.

Maryland County Agriculture Coordinator (CAC), Jerome Karnweah, wants the UN Women funded agricultural project in Barobbo and Kalloway districts in the county extended.

Karnweah made the assertion recently following a brief visit of the Women’s Special Representative of Secretary-General (WSRSG) of the United Nations, Yakub Elhillo, to members of the Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (RWEEP).

The RWEEP, which is comprised of 225 women farmers from the two districts, is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Ministry of Gender, World Food Program (WFP) and the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Maryland County.

According to Karnweah, if the UN Women’s agriculture project, which is about to phase out, is extended, it will enable the beneficiaries to increase food production and further improve income generation.

“Following a short visit of the WSRSG and other supporting partners in Maryland County, women involved in farming are now said to be more impressed and are willing to redouble their efforts in food production. But there is a need for an extension of the program to enable the women to produce more,” he stated.

One of the main reasons for the visit of the WSRSG was to see how best the project can be extended, considering that women farmers are making progress and still need further assistance. It was also important for donors to get acquainted with the level of work done by the group of women over the years in the county.

The Maryland CAC further stated that the WSRSG and other partners were greatly impressed with the work done so far by the women.

According to him,  the project is actually bringing rural women together to be more proactive in agriculture in Liberia.

Karnweah further explained that while it is true that agriculture has been concentrating on women, they have been the primary labor force.

He stated that in Gbarnwenken the project was able to benefit at least 60 persons, and in Dobboken at least 90 women are benefiting. In Woteken, about 75 women are benefiting from the project.

“The targeted women are specializing in the production of quality cassava flour, super gari, and other cassava products,” he said.


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