Cabinet Reviews Prez Sirleaf’s Delivery Unit Priority Projects


The Cabinet, following careful review and assessment of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s “Delivery Unit Priority Projects” and the nation’s prevailing “economic performance cum update” on the current fiscal position of the administration, has made what it calls an informed determination in the best interest of the nation and its people.

An Executive Mansion release said the Cabinet directed that the President’s Delivery Unit (PDU) in the Office of the President to collaborate with the appropriate and relevant stakeholders to ensure all priority projects, especially those earmarked and covered under the energy, infrastructure and water and sewer sectors, are not only seen to be time-bound but become realistic fulfillments under President Sirleaf’s watch.

The Cabinet mandated the PDU to bring the Cabinet up to speed on the systematic, particularly developmental, progression of all priority projects currently ongoing and those to commence shortly.

The Cabinet lauded the Minister of Finance and Development Planning for a candid appraisal of the government’s economic performance scorecard coupled with a factual update on the country’s present fiscal position and recommendations on tenable austerity measures occasioned by risks in critical sectors.

Towards an economically sound risk mitigation strategy, the Cabinet endorsed the proposal of the Ministry of Finance and Development in light of its cogency targeted at “deficit financing, prospect constraint by current debt limit, which will be conditioned by austerity tilted at social development commitments, fixed capital as well as goods and services with the overall rationale to maintain macroeconomic stability.”

Meanwhile, in the wake of the Netherlands Development Forum, President Sirleaf has seconded Vice President Joseph Boakai to represent her as head of a high-powered Liberian delegation.

The Forum, which is organized at the behest of the Netherlands Foreign Ministry for Trade and Cooperation, brings together over 300 investors from Europe, Asia and Africa with the aim of exploring investment opportunities in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

President Sirleaf has therefore instructed all Sector Ministers who are part of the delegation to work along the National Investment Commission (NIC) to ensure a coordinated and saleable representation of the country.


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