Cabinet Reviews Energy Sector


Cabinet has scrupulously reviewed the energy sector performance scorecard and accordingly mandated a measureable, attainable and time-bound implementation plan that will ensure an impactful access to the mass of the people as well as an opportunity for enhancing increased economic dividends for the country.

Cabinet received updates on achieving a “Big Light Tomorrow” dream with emphasis on completing key power generation projects in line with medium-term plan including the Mount Coffee Hydroelectric power Station, HFO plants, and the construction of additional plants through private sector intervention to stabilize power supply, according to an Executive Mansion release.

Cabinet was briefed on the need to complete key transmission and distribution projects, commence the construction of more, embark on a minimum of 20,000 additional connections, an additional 3,000 street lights across the country by Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and target reduced tariff and ensure improved delivery of electricity services by the LEC.

On the Rural and Renewable Energy front, Cabinet received updates on the completed rehabilitation of a 60-kw micro-hydro power plant as well as Transmission and Distribution network in Yandohun, Lofa County; the dissemination of approximately 2,000 solar lights under the

Lighting Lives in Liberia (LLL) Project; Solar electrification of Yeala Immigration Border post with Guinea, in Zorzor, Lofa County also serving the BIN, LRA, LNP, DEA and NSA. The Rural and Renewable Energy Agency also electrified the Zorzor Central High School by Solar PV System as well as the Salala Check Point and RIA Depot 5 Police Station.

Dubbing the next 12 months as transformational, Cabinet was further briefed that with the availability of 38 MW of HFO; by Second Quarter of 2017 – 88MW of the Hydro from Mount Coffee would be on line – bringing the total to 126MW by Second Quarter of 2017. This means, with the World Bank’s support, 18 communities are due to be connected, targeting 8,300 households; 25,000 are being targeted amid ongoing works along the Monrovia Consolidation (Kakata) enclave; Monrovia Consolidation South to be tendered under the EU/KfW support with 35,000 also being targeted including the AfDB support that focuses on RIA corridor that targets 13,000 end users.

Meanwhile, Cabinet was briefed on that legislative hearing on the revenue component of the 2016/2017 budget process ended while the expenditure segment effectively commenced yesterday on Capitol Hill.

In a related development, Cabinet members were mandated to adhere to the Travel Ordinance previously endorsed and further requested to submit their travel plans covering November 2016 through April 2017 with emphasis on prioritized travels that will bring considerable benefits to the nation. On the 2017 Annual Message, Cabinet mandated compliance in the unhindered submission of sectoral reports to facilitate a smooth preparatory process.

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