Cab, Cash Up in Flames


Cab driver Boakai Fofana, in his late sixties, and sympathizers watched in horror as his taxi burst into flames on the corner of Benson and Clay Street, Monrovia late yesterday afternoon.
Fofana told the Daily Observer that he had completed the day’s work and was going to park the taxi at Divine Parking Lot when his car caught fire.
“I was about to reverse the car when I heard a big sound,” Fofana said, “When I looked it was fire in the engine.”
He said he jumped out of the car and while outside he saw the flames increasing.
“I could do nothing,” Fofana said, “so I moved away to safety.”
He said he left a substantial amount of cash in the car. Neighbors who rushed to his aid fought desperately with anything they could lay their hands on.
“I am just a driver because this car is not for me,” he told the Daily Observer.
On the scene, our reporter saw sympathizers, mostly men hauling sand, and there were a couple of people who came with fire-extinguishers to help, but to no avail.
As others fought to quench the fire without success, bystanders pulled out their mobile phones and began to take pictures.
As the flames increased and it was apparent that all was lost, sympathizers pushed the car away from the center of the road.
With fire having a field day, fire service truck, with siren blaring arrived on the scene, and immediately began to salvage what was left.
Driver Fofana meanwhile was taken away by friends in the area.


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