‘Criminal Activities’ on the Rise on Frog Island


By Chris F. Pewu (Intern)

Residents of the communities on Frog Island in the 72nd vicinity on Somali Drive in Paynesville are reportedly being threatened by a rise in criminal activities including constant harassment from suspected criminals.

A recent Daily Observer investigation has established that some victims of the alleged criminal activities want officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) to come to their rescue because they are being frequently harassed, mostly at odd hours of the night, to the extent that the situation is becoming alarming.

The community youth chairman, Bobby Tobey, said some of the suspected criminals have reportedly resorted to hijacking peaceful residents almost every day.

In a recent incident, Tobey said a lady with her little daughter were allegedly attacked by the suspected robbers when they were returning home after selling cold water, and their personal belongings including cell phones and cash were forcibly taken away from them.

“I had finished selling, but while counting my daily earnings, some robbers carrying  weapons rushed on me and took away my money that was allotted for my school fees as well as my house rent,” a female victim reported.

Tobey said residents have suffered from criminal activities in the community for more than a year, “even before authorities of the National Elections Commission could demarcate the various districts including former District #7, now #5, as well as District #3, where he lives.

The situation in the 72nd Community, Tobey said, has become the talk of the town, justifying the need for more police officers to be deployed in the area.


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