BYKDEC Applauds Senator PYJ


A locally-based development initiative under the banner of the Buu-Yaho Kwado Development Council (BYKDEC) has congratulated Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) on his re-election.

“We also want to congratulate the other contestants who lost the election for the level of maturity they exhibited by gracefully accepting the outcome of the special election,” BTKDEC said in a statement issued recently.

According to the statement, BYKDEC believes in the transparency, professional and democratic order of the process.  It was the people of Nimba County who freely gave the Senator another nine-year mandate, the statement said.

BYKDEC said the December 20 mid-term election was a defining moment for Nimba County’s political landscape.

 The election results, the entity said, was a clear indication that the present process removes all tribal and sectional misconceptions about the county’s political scenery.

 “The overwhelming re-election of Senator Johnson shows a county-wide resolution to maintain him as a political leader against all chances,” the statement affirmed.

“It is evident that the past nine years of Senator Johnson’s incumbency had been marked by a wide range of debates and controversies; mainly from within the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, instituted by his fellow Nimba lawmakers, but in the end, paradoxically, most, if not all, of the lawmakers came right back asking Nimbaians to re-elect PYJ as the person of their choice for the Senate.

BYKDEC believes the present caucus under the leadership of Senator Thomas Grupee needs to come openly with assurances that adversities that once plagued the caucus and caused stagnation of the county’s progress and development will be a thing of the past.

“BYKDEC is no longer willing to listen to any excuses about who does right or wrong in any further failure of our lawmakers to properly and positively exercise the mandate given them to ably represent the county and its people.”

 BYKDEC’s statement, signed by its Public Relations Officer,  Josephus Blim, said the entity is aware of how political wrangling and internal struggle for supremacy have only frozen the development and progress of the county over the years, thereby giving the government the opportunity to remain reluctant about remitting “our legitimately entitled funds into the county’s account.”

“The way out of this flop, we recommend, is to change individually your mindset, move above personal concentration and make the interests of the suffering rural population the priority,” the statement demanded.


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