BWIAA Settles with Urey


The Booker Washington Institute Alumni Association (BWIAA) says it welcomes Mr. Benoni Urey’s final decision to re-direct to the administration of the institute, the L$300,000 that he pledged to the association’s project last year through his representative, Emmanuel Lomax.
In a statement, the alumni association said after a series of meetings and extensive consultations, it has resolved to abandon the matter and move on as a way of putting the long-running controversy to an end.
The statement quoted members of the alumni association as saying that as products of the institution that was set up to train middle-level technicians for the growth and development of the whole of Liberia, BWI graduates have always endeavoured to maintain a cordial relationship with the public; and the association has no intention to abandon that path.
According to a BWIAA release, the association wants to continue to maintain such good relationship with all in society, including Mr. Urey.
The association said its only disappointment in the entire pledge saga was that prior to Mr. Urey’s decision in the end to re-direct the money to the BWI administration, the alumni association was “belittled and denigrated” so much by Mr. Urey and his representative Lomax, as if it was wrong to remind them about a voluntary pledge they had made openly.
Whatever the case, by issuing this press statement, the association said, it is putting behind it every disappointment associated with the pledge. And it asks its members across the country and everywhere to see this decision in good faith.
The statement reminded the public that the BWIAA and the institute’s administration are inseparable; and that the growth of the institute is what is paramount to both.
The release disclosed that as part of the partnership between the institute and alumni, the association’s guest house under construction on campus is intended to benefit the school directly.
“The BWIAA wishes to state in clear terms that it has implicit confidence in its current leadership that was overwhelmingly elected and is proud that this leadership has successfully steered the affairs of the association for more than four years now,” the release noted.


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