BWI Graduate Found Hanged at Du Village


The mother of a 25 year old student of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) Accelerated Auto Department, who was found hanged in Du Village in Kakata, wants the government to investigate the cause of her son’s death without delay.

Ms. Norah Quabo, 47, a dietician at the CB Dunbar Maternity Hospital in Gbarnga for the last 14 years, told the Daily Observer in an interview on Saturday in Monrovia that her son had no reason to kill himself.

The victim was Josephus Quabo, known as Cephus, who had spent the last four years at the Accelerated Auto Department and was looking forward to graduating.

She said Cephus, was expected to have graduated on February 27, but could not because the BWI administration told him that he owed L$4,475 school fees. However, she said the head of the Accelerated Auto Department, whose name she would not reveal, had cleared him to get the necessary materials for his graduation. The Daily Observer could not get BWI sources to confirm her claim.

“So I came to Kakata to witness his graduation on Thursday, February 25, and we slept in the same room at his residence in Kotombo Town located on Bong Mines road.

“Friday morning, February 26, he told me that he was going to pick up his graduation attire, including a gown, a shirt and a medal.

“But my son did not return home and five days later which was on a Wednesday, my motherly instinct told me to rush to the Kakata Police Station to inform them about my son’s disappearance,” she explained.

She said because he was 25 years old, the police informed her that they needed additional time so see whether he would return home because he could have stopped at a friend’s house, due to his pending graduation.

“Then on Wednesday, March 2, news came that a man had been found hanging on a tree in Du Village, and therefore with my heart beating, I followed those who were going to see.

“It was there that I saw that the body that was hanging there was that of my son, Cephus,” she cried.

She said the forensic team at the Kakata Police Station later rushed to the scene and after on the spot examination, followed by cutting down his body from the tree, informed her that her son committed suicide.

“I told them that Cephus was one of the happiest men because of his upcoming graduation, and therefore, he had no reason to kill himself.

“Even the officers could not provide me a copy of their forensic report, and because the body was in the advanced stage of decomposition, I allowed them to bury his remains,” she said.

Going through her tablet, she said, “My son’s left eye had been removed, his tongue had been cut, a part of his nose had been removed and his esophagus had also been removed.” Kakata Police contacted could not confirm her claim.

The victim, a father of two children, a boy, 5, and a girl, 1, was an ambitious young man who hoped to build a dream house for his mother, family sources said.

“He told me that I should not worry because I had been taking care of him and his three siblings alone without their father.

“I bought a piece of land and so Cephus told me that he would build a house on it so that I would rest from working too much to care for him,” she said.

In a sad voice, Ms. Quabo said, “Today I have lost my son and he has lost his dream to give back to his sister and three brothers.”

Cephus, she said, was close to his sister who recently traveled to the United States, and was planning to start a business.

A former footballer for Action Tigers Football Club of Gbarnga, Cephus was known as ‘Power’ because of his powerful shots, a team-mate told the Daily Observer.

Radio Kakata reporter Samuel Borbor confirmed that Cephus’ death shocked people who ‘knew the quiet and easy going young man.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Quabo told the Daily Observer that the government must look into the deaths of students at BWI.

“I remember in 2014, two children traveled to the United States for some job training. One remained there and the other boy returned to Liberia.

“The one who returned later disappeared and his body was found in the Du River and there have been reports of similar incidents that claimed the lives of precious children and therefore the government must urgently begin an investigation into my son’s death,” Ms. Quabo lamented.


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