BWI Alumni in U.S. Donate Computers Worth US$15K to Alma Mater

BWI Alumni Association Vice President Carolina Chapter, Mr. Joshua Peal makes remarks during the donation

As part of its support to accelerate the learning process at the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata, Margibi County, the BWI Alumni Association of the Carolinas, United States of America (USA) has donated 10 laptops and 15 desktop computers and printers as well as  footballs and sets of sports jerseys worth about US$15K to the BWI administration.

The BWI chapter of North and South Carolina is a branch of the BWI Alumni Association of North America.

During the presentation, Vice President of the Carolinas Chapter, Joshua Peal, said it was important to recognize that the lack of technology has been one of the major challenges facing Liberia as a result of the civil war.

That is why the Carolinas chapter thought it essential to give the items to their “beloved alma mater,”  to help enhance students’ learning capabilities in technology and to improve their research capacity.

Mr. Peal said the donation was made possible with the collaboration of a computer rental company involved in various technological services in the USA.

According to him, the presentation was not the first of its kind. The association has made other contributions to the growth and development of BWI.

In order to make learning easier for students in the country, Mr. Peal declared, technology must be available, effective and efficient. The donation is an ongoing one, he said, pledging that by next October  the full consignment of the laptops and other accessories will be brought into the country from the USA.

“It is expected that students will use these computers to discover new ideas in their academic careers and to improve their technological capabilities.”

Mr. Peal encouraged the BWI students to see the donation as an opportunity to take personal responsibility for the proper use and maintenance of the computer equipment and take advantage of them in order to enhance their computer knowledge and experience.

“As students, you must realize that government will not do all, neither will your parents. You, therefore, need to take up the challenge and make a difference in the society,” he stressed.
Mr. Peal further disclosed that there are other plans of the BWI Alumni Association in North America, which is due to hold its Annual Convention from the 28th of June to the 1st of July this year in the American capital, Washington, D.C.

During the convention,  the association will discuss the Integrated Computer Technology and plans to visit BWI to see how best students can be trained in the use of technology, audio-visual learning, television broadcasting, repairs and undertake community engagements and other activities, alumnus Peal disclosed.

BWI Principal Harris Tarnue extended appreciation for the donation on behalf of the BWI administration.

The Association in the Carolinas and the BWI Alumni Association in North America (BWIAANA) have been longstanding partners, said Mr. Tarnue, describing the donation as “timely.”

BWI Alumni Carolinas vice president Joshua Peal in a conversation with Kenneth Y. Best, Sr. during his visit

While in Monrovia, Mr. Peal paid a courtesy call on BWI alumnus Kenneth Y. Best, Class of 1959. Mr. Best is former chairman of the BWI Board of Governors. He is also author of The BWI Story, the first and probably only book by a Liberian high school graduate on his alma mater.

Mr. Best thanked Mr. Peal and his fellow alumni in The Carolinas for their generous donation to BWI and urged them to continue their good work in their various vocations and for the alma mater in Kakata, the Booker Washington Institute.

Reporter at Liberian Observer Corporation formerly, the Daily Observer ELWA Junction, Paynesville Monrovia Liberia Mr. Simeon S. Wiakanty is a senior student studying Mass Communication and Chinese at the University of Liberia. He is also a student at the Confucius Institute of the University of Liberia. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @amb_kanty Whatsapp: +231886140817


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