Buu–Yao Feeder Road Repair Begins

final-Buu-Yao Feeder2.jpg

The administration of Nimba County on Sunday, November 15, commenced the Buu – Yao Road rehabilitation project in Beeplay, the district’s headquarters.
The work is part of the County’s rehabilitation of feeder roads to boost trade and commerce, enhance security and economic activities.

Mr. Peterson Walker, head of the project management committee said, the rehabilitation will cover about 150 kilometers of road, beginning from Wea- Beeplay to Yao-Mahnplay, Yao Lepulah and Buutuo and then to Dinplay and New Yourplay in Kparblee District.

The roadwork will continue from Glarlay, Gblarlay and Teahplay Bouyealay, situated at the border with the Ivory Coast.

“Looking at the needs of the some of these communities, we have decided that the machines could remain in a particular area until most of the feeder roads are connected,” Dorr Cooper, the county’s Development Superintendent, told the Daily Observer.

He called on the citizens to cooperate so that the work could go on smoothly, adding: “Development comes with pain, so be expecting some level of destruction as the work goes on.”

“Your cocoa or rubber trees along the road will be removed to give light to the roads or make the roads wider, so we need your cooperation,” he said.

Nimba Country Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, told the citizens that since he became superintendent, he has visited three of the districts, but could not go any further owing to the bad road network. It was for this reason he asked the Nimba Caucus to allow him to use US$ 1.7 million for the roadwork.

“With the approval of the Nimba Caucus through the County Council, road works are going simultaneously across the county,” he explained.

“Our targets now are roads, schools, and health centers. After the next County Council, our next plan will be the improvement of or rehabilitation of the drinking water system (hand pumps) in the county since most of the pumps built by NGOs are down,” Supt. Zuagele said.

He maintained that the leadership of Nimba County will make sure that the County Social Development Fund benefits all the districts in the county.

Buu – Yao Administrative District is one of the populated districts in Nimba County. It is located along Liberia Ivory Coast border in the eastern part of the county connecting with Kparble District to the southeast.

The district is, however, one of the inaccessible areas in Nimba County, with the road leading to it difficult to ply by most vehicles.

Representative of the District, Samuel Korgar, has meanwhile asked the citizens not to panic as the road rehabilitation work will cover the entire district.


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