Musa Bility’s Son Sued for “Illegal Possession of Children”

Sidikie Bility's lawyers claim that the school's administration contacted Sidikie through an email about the children's mother, Warti Robinson Bility (pictured), coming on the campus to sign for the children.

The wife of the son of renowned businessman Musa Bility, has filed before the Civil Law Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice a lawsuit seeking for temporary custody of her two kids (name withheld).

In her lawsuit to take temporary custody of the children, Warti Robinson Bility claimed that without her consent her husband, Sidikie Bility, currently in possession of the kids, has refused to allow her have access to the children.

“It has taken about two months since Bility kidnapped my children from the house and placed them under the protection of authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP),” Madam Bility claimed, adding “I have tried everything to get to my kids, but he has prevented me from seeing them, and so it is the court that can help me, ” Mrs. Bility alleges.

Madam Bility further claimed that her husband kidnapped her children after she filed a lawsuit seeking for divorce to end their relationship after he had on many occasions allegedly abused her.

“I have been going through this domestic violence for years in the hands of my husband because he felt that he has money to influence people, but I trust in the justice system, and I know that I will be reunited with my kids one day,” Madam Bility’s suit alleges.

Mrs. Bility further claimed that her husband got in possession of the children immediately after she fled from the house in an attempt to escape some of Bility’s brutal attack against her.

“On May 29, 2019 when I was abused again, I reported that matter to the police, and they invited him there, but later he was released without going through any Investigation. This is why I am seeking the intervention of this court to give me justice,” Mrs. Bility’s suit said.

She claimed that with the kidnapping of her children and the reluctance of the police to investigate her several complaints of domestic violence, she has to seek refuge elsewhere to wait for the outcome of the case.

Besides the police, Mrs. Bility alleges that she has complained her husband to the relevant authorities at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, but they have failed to intervene into her case which led her to file the lawsuit seeking for temporary custody of her children.


  1. But, Mrs. Bility, you have just explained your side of the story. . . being allegedly abused. In which way?
    Secondly you have fled your matrimonial house and are living in an undisclosed location, which, of course is your social right.
    But unfortunately, now legal minded judge will give a mother her children when she is in hiding. After all, your children are not under threat.
    No spousal relationship is perfect. All l request both families to do is to withdraw from the court and allow the yourselves to sit traditionally to resolve the fracas. Please. Along the way, I believe, the squeaky wheels may get the grease. Thank you.
    Julius A. Momo – Stone, USA.

    • You are complete moron. What do you mean no legal minded will hand over kids to a mother living in an undisclosed location?? She hiding for her safety. Violence and abuse are part of her lawsuit and key reasons why she has declined to disclose her location. Most people who bear your name Momo, in Liberia often use their ass instead of their head to think…How do you determine that the kids are safe when their mom is making allegations of kidnap and abuse and lack of police intervention in previous complaints made against Mr. Sidiki Billy?? Let the law takes a course and stop being a moron in your Momo thinking..


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