Liberia Gets New Airport Shuttle Service

(From right) Former Vice President Boakai, along with Mr. Johnson, Manager of the Infinity Shuttle Service (ISS) on one of the buses yesterday

-Former VP Calls on Liberians to support each other

Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has officially launched the Infinity Shuttle Service (ISS), a Liberian-owned business that is offering vehicle rental and airport shuttle services in the country.

At the official launch yesterday in Monrovia, VP Boakai stressed the need for Liberians to support Liberian-owned businesses for the development of the country and its people.

“We are very proud to see you start this new service. I want to appreciate you for undertaking such business, because many of us have received calls to assist friends and relatives at the airport, and ISS is now taking the burden from on us,” Boakai said.

Boakai said he was delighted to be part of the launching and joins other Liberians to celebrate the country’s new service. He has called on Liberians and others to take advantage of the new service.

Former VP Boakai along with Patricia M. Adadevoh, owner of the Infinity Shuttle Service (ISS)

The program was attended by several Liberian entrepreneurs and others, including Mrs. Eyvonne Bright-Harding, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sharks Entertainment Incorporated, former Liberia Defense Minister and businessman Brownie J. Samukai, Jr., Journalist Charles Snetter of Radio Monrovia, former Deputy Education Minister Dr. Romelle A. Horton, among others.

For his part, Liberia’s Minister of Transport Samuel Wlue said he was delighted about the initiative by ISS and pledged the Ministry’s support to ensure the success of the service.

“I did some research to unearth how many transport companies in Liberia that were providing such service, but none. There is no transport company that is environmental friendly and even people’s friendly. There is nothing that is running from RIA to Monrovia or even have a booth at the RIA and ready to safely bring people to Monrovia,” Minister Wlue said.

Mr. Joseph Johnson, Manager of Infinity Shuttle Service (ISS), said the ISS service will integrate within the schedules of the airport, because there are several flights coming into the country three-four times weekly.

He said the ISS aims to be a leader in the vehicle rental industry in Liberia by providing superior services that exceed the expectations of the customers.

“We will be trying to match the airport schedules with our own schedules. If a flight is leaving from RIA at 10 pm, we intend to leave from here at 5pm in the evening to give ourselves more time to ensure that our customers check-in on time.

Some of the workers shortly after the ribbon was cut at the RIA

According to him, this will help the company to create credibility with customers, because the institution does not want to launch a service that will cause people to lose their flights or delay at the airport upon arrival.

“We pride ourselves in leaving on time. If we are to leave at 5pm and nobody is on the bus, we will leave at the stated time, because other people will be there and waiting for the bus to get to Monrovia.

He said the new service will help to alleviate the burden on Liberians and everyone as some people may receive calls from friends, loved ones and family members to help pick them up from the airport or drop them at the airport.

“We smile on the phone during these conversations with friends and loved ones, but later frown upon hanging-up. Again, we are prepared to take such headache from friends and family members now,” he said.

“We have a ticket booth at the airport and also online where anyone can easily buy a ticket. We are hoping to get a code from Ecobank where someone can also buy a friend, family member or loved one a ticket. We offer comfortable and air-conditioned buses as well as WiFi to ensure that our customers connect with family members upon arrival,” Mr. Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson said the company also has car rental services both in and out of Monrovia, describing ISS as the best institution in Liberia.

“We will continue to provide such service to the people of Liberia in order to remain the best. We don’t have any outside support, but all Liberian-owned,” he added.


  1. Cheers and congratulations to my CWA classmates JJ and Pat for a job well done. Only Liberians can positivity transform Liberia, and it’s time we assume responsibility for the fate of our beloved country. Congratulations!!!

  2. Great job. These are what is expected of Liberian.
    Definitely if foreign nationals begin to get citizenship in Lib all of these will certainly be given to them because of their financial standings

  3. I sounds like a plan! However, l ‘ve not heard about the SECURITY aspect of these shuttle buses and unattended baggage.
    We ‘ve noticed the waves of crime rates in Liberia. Specifically Monrovia and its environs. Once a shuttle leaves @ 5pm to be at RIA, and it’s occupants re mostly travelers, there might be unknown individuals who would want to cause havoc while enroute. Is the ISS concern about the SECURITY of its customers and only safety at their destination.
    2. Have the USD done an intensive security screening in term of the crime free of those who will be CONVEYING the passengers and might forget their baggage?

  4. I congratulate our honorable Papaye for the well done,this man is a truth Liberian, he love this country at heart,can any Liberian do this?as long as u live u will continue doing good thing in this country. Thank u so much.


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