LEC Connects Hotel Business in Sinkor

Partial view of Waves Inn in Sinkor

Zein Jaffal, chief executive officer (CEO) of Waves Inn, Incorporated, has lauded the authority of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) for providing power, which has helped to ease the cost of running his business. Mr. Jaffal spoke with reporters on Wednesday when the management of LEC provided an MVA transformer to help ease the high cost of running his hotel business. Megavolt amperes (MVA) is the unit used for measuring apparent power. The apparent power refers to the total current and voltage in an electrical circuit.

Mr. Jaffal said he is excited to be a part of the business community and benefiting from the LEC’s power distribution scheme, and pledged his commitment to complying with the terms of his dealings with the LEC management, including paying his electricity bills. He emphasized the importance of electricity supply to the survival of businesses, especially large investments, which he said will help address or provide more jobs for the people of Liberia.

“We believe that LEC has demonstrated its commitment to support investments in Liberia in terms of providing power. We had a challenge in terms of power shortage for our business. All our appliances were not coming on, because of the low power that was being provided for running our machines,” he said.

Mr. Jaffal and Director Peabody shortly after power was switched on for Waves Inn Incorporated

Also commenting, the LEC’s deputy management director for Rural Electrification Project, Zahnga E. Peabody, said: “We are very excited to see customers coming to request for power, especially investors and large businesses that will help to ease the cost of running private machines. LEC remains committed to providing power to people, including investors to ensure that they have the needed power to run their businesses.”

Director Peabody said connecting Waves Inn, Incorporated shows that the LEC network is growing and reaching not only homes, but also the business community and investors, adding, “This is the dream of LEC in terms of reaching to its many customers and the general public.” He said the management has been actively connecting large businesses in the last couple of months, and called on other large consumers of electricity to subscribe to this initiative being provided by the LEC management.


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