Cllr. Gibson Promises Decent Work Environment for Employers to Expand

Cllr. Charles Gibson (left) and former Labor Minister Moses Kollie (right) seated at the high table during his turning-over of the office of the Minister of Labor.
The new Minister of Labor, Cllr. Charles Gibson, has promised to curtail unrest in the labor sector, and improve the relationship between employers and employees during his administration as Minister. He added that under his watch, the interest of employees will be adequately promoted while also protecting the interest of empowers. “As a Minister of Labor, you are like a twins’ mother, so it is important to always strive to promote and seek the interest of both the employees and the employers according to the law.  While we promote the interest of workers, we must be sensitive to the constraint of employers,” said Gibson during his induction ceremony as Minister. Cllr. Gibson took over from Moses Y. Kollie, the first Minister of Labor in the George Weah administration. Minister Kollie who served the Ministry for over two years, was recently appointed Director-General of Liberia Civil Aviation Authority LCAA. Cllr. Gibson further promised to ensure that the capacity of the workforce of Liberia is constantly improved so that the ministry can curtail the issuing of permits to expatriates whose numbers are increasing. “The President preferring me for this job had clearly in his mind that I can perform the task and I will stand to achieve that through teamwork. We heard all the things the former minister did and he said it was achieved through teamwork and now that he is leaving, but the team is here, so we look forward to building on those achievements,” Cllr. Gibson said. “This place is like a palava hut for social dialogue. From my study, labor is one variable that is used in measuring the economic stability of a country. It attracts investors or scares them away,” the minister said. If there is always unrest and hostilities in the labor sector, you can have the best professionals, they will go away. Business people do not like litigations, but we have to ensure that the workers receive their just benefits at all times. Where there is a constraint in delivering that, it should be discussed and a middle ground can be found.” Cllr. Gibson added that he is committed to working with all partners as well as employees of the Ministry. “This is not a boring job anymore for me because we have served in different capacities in this government, but we have to put in more time because the expectation is very high, the demands are high and, as such, team work will be the formula to achieve that.” Earlier in his turning-over statement, former Labor Minister Moses Y. Kollie outlined the functions of the Ministry and some achievements made by his administration during his service. “Minister, as you may be aware, the Vision of this Ministry is to ‘harmonize and restore dignity to the Liberian labor force’, including many other responsibilities that you are about to undertake. Just to name a few; the Ministry is also charged with the task of leading the fight against trafficking in persons, which is the heart-beat of the International Community and child labor. I trust that, with your professional background, you will succeed in these fights as Chairman of the Task-force and with seven other government ministries and agencies as well as local and international partners.”


  1. But what form of news report writing is this? UNPARAGRAPHED, and POORLY PUNCTUATED? Is it “the Pathfinder tailing your vehicle from around the Orange Liberia headquarters on Capitol By-pass“ causing you to disseminate such rubbish UNPARAGRAPHED. Kenneth Best, you need to do some professional cleansing at the Daily Observer.


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