Bridgeway Commits to Growth

Richard Soko, said plans are underway by Bridgeway to reclaim its rightful place within the general merchandise

-Says business cardinal to national development

The management of Bridgeway Corporation says the growth and development of Liberia following a peaceful transition of power remains cardinal to revitalizing an effective market economy.

Addressing newsmen at the company’s head office in Clara Town on Tuesday, the Logistics Manager, Richard Soko, said plans are underway by Bridgeway to reclaim its rightful place within the general merchandise business through the sale of quality and affordable products.

Mr. Soko said the management of the company has recommitted itself to meaningfully contribute to the economy through local production of high-tech and quality detergent products that are result-oriented.

Mr. Soko said for the past 12 years, the company experienced a downward trend in its business activities as a result of the previous government action, but however did state specific action that affected the growth of the corporation.

He said Bridgeway stands ready to impact the general business climate by expanding its branches to increase production aimed at satisfying the needs of the consuming populace.

Mr. Soko indicated that the company however continues to invest in the development of the country through the creation of employment opportunities for scores of Liberians.

“In spite of the barrage of challenges confronting the company, we continue to remain unwavering in the protection of employees’ welfare by complying with the government of Liberia stipulated minimum wage law introduced in 2014 and subsequently passed and signed into two years ago by the Legislature and the former President,” Soko said.

The Act, amongst many things, seeks to improve the standard of living for both skilled and casual laborers and the Liberian business people.

According to Mr. Soko, the need for strict compliance cannot be over-emphasized, noting that things will continue to get better for everyone.

Meanwhile, Mr. Soko has called on the CDC-led government to be true to its much-heralded pro-poor policies by running a government of inclusiveness, noting that all hands need to be on deck in order to bring about massive transformation through a stable and open market.

He added that the corporation is committed to buttressing the government’s effort to improve the living conditions of Liberians through creation of jobs for cross-sections of Liberians ranging from casual workers to professional individuals with vast business knowledge.


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