UP Names Businesswoman as Nimba Campaign Head

Madam Felicia Yormie (R) and UP chairman Wilmot Paye (center) listen to a woman read a statement at a dollar rally in Sanniquellie

“We should pay Boakai back by making him President” -Madam Felecia Yormie

Unity Party standard bearer Joseph Boakai has named Felecia Yormie as the party’s campaign manager in Nimba County. She will head a team of over ten persons including Tonny Gonyor, deputy campaign manager for operations and Peterson Walker, deputy campaign manager for administration and finance.

The selection of Madam Yormie was greeted with joy, especially among women and the youth. Madam Yormie for several months has been in every town and hamlet in the county in an effort to tighten Vice President Boakai’s grip on Nimba. Her selection, according to political pundits in the county, was a wise move by the Vice President, and they believe it will give Boakai the needed votes to secure his bid for the presidency. They said Yormie’s selection can also command strong support from the business community, adding that her support base cuts across all sectors of the county.

“VP Boakai is the most qualified indigenous Liberian. In Liberia men always want to be the head, so for a Liberian man to be vice president to a woman, he’s got to be humble, honest and God fearing,” Yormie said. “The Bible says ‘humble yourself and God will lift you up.’ Boakai worked with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for years without problems. That means we should pay him back by making him the President.”

Those who gathered to welcome Madam Yormie and the campaign team  promised to work with them to ensure that Nimba is delivered to Boakai. Months back, Madam Yormie rallied scores of Nimbaians, particularly women, to turn out on the streets of Ganta in support of Vice President Boakai. She is said to be the brains behind the organization of a group called Patriotic Nimbaians Movement for Boakai (PANIMBO).

In Sanniquellie, PANIMBO put together scores of women who reaffirmed their support to the standard bearer of the ruling party. Under the banner of the ‘Nimba Women’s Conference,’ the women of all walks of life from across the county pledged to work to ensure that Boakai is elected president at the October polls. The women said they support the Vice President because of his untainted record in public service.

Madam Yormie said rallying the support of women for Boakai goes beyond Nimba, adding that they are also building relationships with women from Grand Gedeh and other counties in the southeast.


  1. My fellow Liberians; You’ve heard it right. Who else is better “QUALIFIED” to rate a man; than a woman? If a woman of honorable status, as Madame Yormie tells you this man,Hon.Joseph Nyumah Boakai is a good man; you better/should believe. JNB, is the typical example of a “GOOD MAN” He is a good family man; who cares a lot about our mothers, aunts, and sisters. He is prepared to stand up for WOMEN’S rights in every CATEGORY. I urge our mothers, aunts, sisters tell your children, grand children… to join the winning team; for a better Liberia. Vote J.Nyumah Boakai for a better Liberia. He is a man of: vast majority of the People, for a vast majority of the People and *BY A VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA.

  2. Liberians are not STUPID to the point that they will continue falling in POVERTY. Unity Party has produced ZERO improvement in the lives of ordinary CITIZENS in Liberia. . They are not blind to repeat a PARTY that has led them into object POVERTY. Electing Boakai will be a serious MISTAKE for WOMEN who have suffered the most due CORRUPTIONS and missed MANAGEMENT of the Liberian REVENUES by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf/Joseph N. Boakai’s Administration. It is TIME for the WOMEN of LIBERIA to make a CHANGE. A Change that will improve their living STANDARD. The ANC and Alex. B. CUMMINGS have the PLANS to bring LIBERIA out of DARKNESS. Vote ‘NO’ for Boakai and put CUMMINGS in as your next PRESIDENT.

  3. Gee; Exactly! Liberian Women are smart. They know who have their best interest in/at HEART. That’s why, they have made a very wise and smart CHOICE. Good for them. They have settled for J.Nyumah Boakai; as their NEXT CHIEF EXECUTIVE. No other Political Party in Liberia’s History; have advanced more Women than U.P. Liberian Women know that for themselves. You bet!

    • Henry, will you please back your statements by some researched examples? I have yet to see the many promotions, the current Administration has given to WOMEN with the execptions of nepotismist Promotions by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her FEMALE FRIENDS. In addition, Hon. Joseph N. Boakai has not been an ACTIVE Vice President against illegal developments within the Administration, he serves. He continues to follow the OLDWAYS on performance as it was in 60s and 70s when Vice Presidents have no Voice in politic. He has contributed ZERO Leadership in term of drvelopment and refused to speak against CORRUPTIONS in GOVERNMENT. How can Liberians support Mr. Boakai when he has closed his eyes on required CHANGES for the good of the COUNTRY? Henry, please give me some examples on how he has delivered Goods and Services for WOMEN in the Unity Party Government? Thanks

      • Gee; thanks! You’ve already made the research for us, both. In the very first paragraph of your post on Aug.23, 2017 at 4:04PM; to be precise, you wrote: “Liberians are not STUPID”; of course including Mme. Yormie and the women of Nimba and greater Liberia. How else can I say it Gee? You said it right G. Madame Yormie and other WOMEN have already given an outline, why they have made a choice; J. NYUMAH BOAKAI as the next CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF LIBERIA. Don’t you get it? Hey! Pal, always nice to hear from you. Regards!

        • We will have more ISSUES to discuss on a later date. I am proud to be a part on the POLITICAL TRANSPARENCY needed, in Liberia. I will continue to write on positive ISSUES to affect positive CHANGES. I hope you will contribute and look at Liberia for TOMORROW and not Liberia of YESTERDAY.

  4. Madam Felecia Yormie, as your former National Chairman, I would like congratulate on behalf of all your colleagues from the former NUDP which you served with the highest level of commitment and dedication.

    Again, I say congratulation and please accept my best wishes…..

  5. There is one thing this woman said that stands up for me – her clarification of how Boakai server Sirleaf. That’s a good testament of his leadership style.
    I pray the Liberian people listen and vote for Joseph Boakai for President


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