“Burning Police Station Is Burning the State”

Flashback: Angry motorcyclists and others, in the wake of the death of their colleague, in March 2020, surrounded the police station in Ganta early Monday morning and started throwing stones.

President Weah warns

President George Manneh Weah has signaled a warning to Liberians that those in the habit of attacking police stations and burning them are equally burning the state and that people caught in this act will bear the full weight of the law without his sympathy.

In a meeting with the people of Bong County on February 14 on his first nationwide tour in three years of his administration, President Weah emphatically expressed that, “I am a nonviolent man; I don’t support any act of violence.  I worked for UNICEF as a Peace Ambassador as you all know, and I will not support any act associated with violence.”

The President in an austere mood while sounding the warning recalled that his son, George Manneh Weah, Jr., should serve as a clear example to Liberians that no one is above any law, warning parents to counsel their children against taking laws into their hands, as the law discriminates no one.  French Police recently arrested George Manneh Weah, Jr. for breaking COVID-19 rules governing the conduct of people in that European country.

“We have the law here for everybody.  The police you attack are the same people we depend on for protection.  If you are not satisfied with a situation, we have the law, but the motorcyclists, the Kehkeh riders and others will always take the laws into their hands and go ahead sometimes to burn the police station. Remember, when you are burning the police stations, you are burning the state,” the President warned with a stern voice.

President Weah who had been and still admired by many young Liberians who believe in his football career and ambassadorial role with UNICEF, stressed that his star has nothing to do with violence and there is no record about him anywhere in the world for being violent.

He said whoever violates the law and attacks a police station that represents the state, they should also expect the reciprocal of what they do, and he will not compromise the law for anyone’s interest.

The President’s warning against violence comes following many instances of violence that had left police stations burned around the country since Liberia’s transition from war.  The recent violence that left a police station burned with other buildings was in Weala, Margibi County.  The motorcyclists’ anger came when they suspected without proving that Dalla Briggs, a resident of the town, was connected to the murder of their colleague. They also burned Briggs’ home and the magisterial court in the town.

Motorcyclists have been recorded for alignment with violent incidents occurring in the country.  They and the police on the one hand, and the taxi drivers on the other hand had clashed on many occasions.  When an accident involves a motorcyclist and a driver, the cyclists usually, come together to set ablaze the vehicle involved.  Late last year, aggrieved motorcyclists set ablaze a commercial bus popular referred to as “Killer Bee” at the Barnersville junction following an accident involving the bus and a cyclist.  


  1. Of course, burning down a police station symbolizes resistance to constituted authority, and was the modus operandi (MO) of revolutionary groups trying to takeover state power by force of arms. This made some observers amazed then about the lack of resolution regarding investigations into that 2019 police station arson in Margibi County. Especially so, the incident occurred about two months after a joint statement in Monrovia by offices of the UN, EU, AU, and ECOWAS warning against “media messages which promote violence”.

    Not to mention that the ease with which the perpetrators, believed to be influenced by rabble rousers, got away with such defiance could’ve emboldened the politically-driven terroristic murders of the auditors. Another investigation mishandled (to the glee of perpetrators) just like the daylight burning down of the police station in Margibi County. Anyway, that GMW saw its implications for public safety speak eloquently to a grasp of the fact that economic health (to reduce hardships) hinges on perceptions of stableness in Liberia by domestic and foreign investors.

  2. Cheeeey, my people, so our president is nonviolent?

    Skipper, who headed the Italian man in the locker room, for which you did not get your second Ballon d’Or?
    Who wanted to stage a coup d’etat against Ellen?
    Who recently killed 4 auditors for poking into his financial dingy dealings?

    Anyway, talk your own, but know that God is in Heaven. HE is omniscient and omnipresent!

  3. Mr. Petarus Dolo

    Your comment few days ago on another story about importance of responsible debate and decorum at this platform belied this malicious falsehood that GMW tried to stage a coup against EJS, or he killed auditors. The truth of the matter is that reportedly, on several occasions, he helped her calmed hot tempers of a hungry and angry downtrodden especially when few officials were gifted bonanza compensations that added to their poverty. As for motive of terroristic murders of the auditors, you know the political organization which benefited from that outcome. What amazes me is that political Lilliputians believe they are smarter than the security sector because they got away with wanton murders calculated to alienate the electorate from government.

  4. Dear Mr. Moses,

    I extend my cordial greeting and respect to you for trying to defend the president. However, I believe in responsibility and accountability.
    To begin with, let’s be reminded that Dr. Weah is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, meaning he has full command of the police, immigration, military and all paramilitary forces.
    Being the Commander-in-Chief, the Constitution of Liberia endows him with the power to protect lives and property.

    During the Doe’s regime, which you serve, from reading your critiques, not every crime committed in Liberia then was ordered or known by or to him, President Doe. But the Master Sergeant is to date held responsible for every crime committed in Liberia from April 12, 1980 until his death.
    In Cote d’Ivoire, when Laurent Gbagbo was president of this country, there were political assassination carried out by the opposition to soil the reputation of the president to national and international bodies just for political gains. Everything was blamed on my old man, Laurent GBAGBO, because he was the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Cote d’Ivoire.

    You may want to convince me on the 4 auditors’ death as political assassination by opposition against Weah to get the electorate, but I have questions for you:
    – Is the president not briefed on a situation before making public comments? If your reply, as a former security personnel, is yes, then, why should Weah say it was a boyfriend / girlfriend thing when the first 2 were found dead in their car in the streets of Monrovia?
    – Can 4 people working a specific fraud or embezzlement document accidentally died almost at the same time from the same causes? If your reply is yes, I am afraid of you as a former security personnel.

    Mr. Moses, the report from the Justice Minister leaves many questions unelucidated. We need impartial investigation into this matter to see if it can be attributed to the opposition to get the electorate or the president to silence the truth.

    This killing thing should come to an end in Liberia, my people. We beg you, we have died enough. Kill 4 young people like that, just for power or money? Why?

    Maybe Weah should have quell this too, as his supporters are no longer hungry and now also have officials who are gifted with the same bonanza compensations which is reducing the poverty of many Liberians. So shall it be, for pro-Pocket Agenda for the Pauperization and Dehumanization of Liberia.

    Liberians, we will not all die! If not we, our children will bring real FIXES to Liberia. A Liberia that will truly uphold Christian principles and cherish human life as sacred gift from God Almighty!

  5. Thanks for your response to this Weah Advocate. Your responses just hit the nail on its head. At least he is aware that people eyes are on him and know that he is a Weah ardent supporter, with a great bias for his kinsman.

  6. Defender,
    So far, there’s no evidence that points to the fact that the pitiful deaths of the four Liberian auditors was premeditated or coordinated by Weah and his aids. No evidence whatsoever! Your assumption is that because he’s president, Weah must have been “briefed” in advance about the gruesome killings of the four Liberian auditors.

    Based on your assumption, one gets the sense that you’re blatantly suggesting that because Weah was informed about how the four auditors were killed, it was premature for Weah to have said that the deaths “were a boyfriend and girlfriend” issue. Think about this; sometimes, statements are made on impulse. All normal human beings make statements in impulse.

    Mon Frere, I do not defend wickedness of any kind. I will never support Weah if he commits a crime. I’m of the opinion that If Weah had given orders for the four auditors to have been killed, there would have been a public outcry by now for his removal from office. So far, no one has stepped out of the woods to say that Weah ordered the killings.

    Personal Questions…..
    I always ask…..if Weah ordered the killing of the auditors, what did Weah gain? Or yet, did the gruesome killings of the four Liberians occur because they were very, very powerful in Liberia? Also, after their deaths, what has changed in Liberia?
    In my view, it’s hard to believe that the deaths were natural. On the other hand, Liberia is a country where deaths do not occur naturally. And I am a Liberian by birth.

    People have a right to express themselves! You have a right to express yourself. But, do you have a right to throw an assumption out there without evidence? In your post, you’ve pointed out how the late Samuel K. Doe was falsely accused during his presidency. Surprisingly, just a few seconds after you’ve stated how Doe was “smeared or lied on”, you jumped on the bandwagon of incriminating Weah about the killing of the four auditors. Is that fair?

    I am not here to defend Weah blindly. If Weah is wrong, my ID will not defeat my superego. My superego enables me to make sound decisions. I am hated on this blog because I question the false narratives that Weah’s critics spread around. Frankly, it shouldn’t be like that. The truth is all I seek. I am not a defender of weaknesses!

  7. 1. A President, Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, should NEVER make comments on impulses.

    2. I talked about responsibility and accountability, and concluded that all massacres that occurred under Doe from April 12, 1980 until dis death can be blamed on him (Samuel Doe). I did NOT exonerate Doe nor my beloved old man GBAGBO.

    3. I did not say Weah was briefed before the 4 auditors could be massacred in cold blood. I said he must have been briefed when the first 2 auditors were killed. And so, he had to make a statement, which of course he did. He said and I quote, “It is a boyfriend / girlfriend thing”. This is our CIC speaking about 2 precious human beings who were diligently serving the nation.

    Grand Frere, I am not here to defend or castigate a side. I am here because my heart is sored for my country.
    History will remember the Justice Minister for the incongruent report he read out to the Liberian people about 4 precious lives just for doing their jobs honestly. All the killings to have ever taken place in Liberia and those that are yet to occur will be judged sooner or later, believe me.
    To date, the Nazis are picked up everywhere to be judged. Their children and grandchildren have disguised themselves and living in fear of reprisals.

    Time, is another name for God. Time will tell!


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