Burglary on the Rise in Lofa

Principal Ndebeh Varfee .jpg

Statistics obtained by the Daily Observer from the Lofa County Police Detachment indicate that burglary is on the rise in Voinjama and other cities.

According to police sources, several homes and small businesses have been broken into and valuable items and various amounts of money allegedly stolen by suspected criminals.

Police attributed the increase to the absence of electricity in Voinjama and other cities and districts of the county.

Voinjama City residents say for the past three years the city has been in darkness, a perfect cover for criminal activity.

Early last week in Voinjama City, five small businesses and seven homes were reportedly attacked by suspected criminals and several valuable items, such as TVs, mobile phones and money were allegedly stolen.

The Voinjama Free Pentecostal Mission School recently suffered the loss of LD40, 000 according to police.

Following the incident, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Lofa County Police Detachment launched an investigation.

CID agents assigned at the Lofa County Police Detachment, invited Principal Ndebeh Varfee to assist the CID agents on the burglary at his office in Voinjama City.

When the CID agents and Principal Varfee met, it was gathered that the security personnel were suspicious of one of the students currently registered at the school for the academic first semester.

However, the CID agents declined to comment on the identity of the suspected student, saying it may hinder the progress of the ongoing investigation at the school.

One of the security personnel confided to the Daily Observer that the foot prints photographed at the crime scene at the school were indeed identical to that of the suspected student.

For his part, Principal Varfee told the Daily Observer that he did not know whether the current student has had any criminal record and they had not observed any unusual attitude about the suspected student.

A few months ago, Mr. Varfee brought a home size generator for the school’s use but it was allegedly stolen by suspected criminals and at the time nothing was established leading to any possible suspect.


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