Building Materials Company Sues Mary Broh for US$15K Debt


The controversial General Services (GSA) Director, Mary T. Broh, is in trouble again. This time, her ordeal came about after several failed arrangements to have the agency settle arrears it allegedly owed the Fawh Building and General Goods Incorporated, in the amount of US$15,205.

The money is allegedly due the company for building materials it supplied the GSA.

For that reason, the company this month filed a lawsuit against Madam Broh at the Commercial Court to force her to pay the debt.

In the suit, the company alleged that Director Broh allegedly wrote the management on October 9, 2013, requesting it to supply on credit building materials that were needed for the preparation of a high level conference in Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County.

The court documents further alleged that based upon the agency’s statutory mandate to purchase and procure materials for the construction on behalf of the government, they wasted no time to supply the needed items.

The records also claimed that because of Director Broh’s commitment and integrity after she expressed her entity’s preparedness to repay the debt, the company had no fear supplying the building materials to the GSA.

Court documents also claimed that Director Broh in her letter asking for the materials requested Fawh’s management to attach the list of items, submit them with an invoice and deliver the order so as to facilitate subsequent payment. The lawsuit alleged further that they adequately complied with the instruction.

They claimed that since the request for credit was made through Director Broh’s letter, they have for the past four years been engaged in reminding her about her obligation to the amount of US$15,205, which she is yet to pay.

“Broh has neglected and refused to respond to the company’s numerous calls reminding her to settle her obligation,” the documents alleged.

At times, the court records claimed, Broh would call and make promises of payment, which she has never lived up to, up to the time of filing the suit.

“The four years of deliberate refusal by Madam Broh to settle her agency’s obligation and a letter dated February 22 reminding her of the debt and her commitment,” the company explained in the lawsuit, “and after all attempts had failed including sending SMS messages, we resolved to bring the lawsuit against Madam Broh to recover our money.”

Madam Broh and the GSA are yet to respond to the lawsuit.

First Lawsuit

In 2015, the GSA director, who led a Presidential taskforce “to give the city of Monrovia a facelift”, was taken to the Supreme Court for ‘illegally’ destroying some properties in Monrovia during a cleanup campaign late last year.

Madam Broh and others were sued by some aggrieved citizens whose properties were destroyed in Monrovia and its environs by the Taskforce.

Human rights lawyer Dempster Brown instituted the lawsuit on behalf of the aggrieved citizens.

In a petition filed at the Supreme Court on December 1, 2015, by the petitioners’ legal counsel, the aggrieved citizens alleged that their properties, including structures, were destroyed without due process by Madam Broh and her team.

They also said their properties were destroyed because, according to Madam Broh, the citizens violated the zoning law and the city ordinance by building in alleyways.

But they argued that Madam Broh should have instituted legal actions against them if they violated the zoning laws and city ordinances, instead of breaking their respective structures.

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