Builder Electrocuted by LEC High-Tension Wires

View of the three-storey building Moses was working on when he fell to the ground due to electrocution.

Eyewitnesses say this is the third such incident at the identical building

On Tuesday morning in the Zazay Community, Paynesville, Moses Mulbah least expected to find himself in the dire agony that he currently faces.  A builder by trade, he had gone to install window bars on a building where he was hired as a contractor.  Unfortunately for him, he fell from the three-storey building to the ground, due to contact with the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) high-tension wires running on the side of the building that he was working on.

Hitting the ground with his chest, Mulbah also lost his front teeth. He was quickly taken to the nearby Benson Hospital and then to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center because of the critical nature of his case.

Public safety information from the LEC stresses that builders or landowners should build structures yards away from the high-tension wires to avoid imminent danger.  However, regardless of this message and the visible danger associated with being in close range with the high-tension wires, many intransigent property owners in Monrovia have continued to build in dangerous proximity to the wires.

Such is exactly the situation with the building hosting the God’s Gift Office owned by a man who could only identify himself as Moses but refused to give his full name.  On the building from where Mulbah fell, the high-tension wires are running near the wall so that there is not much space between it and the house that could prevent people from coming in contact with the wires.

According to eyewitnesses, the steel bar that Mulbah was installing touched the LEC wire and, because he was working with his bare hands, he was directly exposed to the electric current that caused his fall.

This incident is the third in succession to occur in the very place and house, neighbors told the Daily Observer. “Thank God that this other man is still breathing,” said Dennis Kerkulah in hope that Mulbah will recover. “Maybe he will live, but in the past two other men died from the current on this same house.”

Kerkulah’s account regarding the two prior deaths, which he said took pace few months ago, could not be independently verified.

Mulbah was working as a contractor for God’s Gift organization, which is constructing its headquarters in the Zazay Community.

Dennis Kerkulah said he is a commercial motorcyclist in the community and usually awaits passengers at the junction where the incident took place. According to him, the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) ran the high-tension lines prior to the decision by the owner of the property to construct another building.

With the two instances witnessed by Kerkulah, he told the Daily Observer that it will be necessary the government halts the construction work on the building to prevent such danger from further recurrence.

“The government should remove this building from under this tension line because it has destroyed two lives and we do not even know whether the third person will live,” Dennis said.

Moses lying in the pull of blood immediately after he felt from the building

Moses, the owner of the building, said he informed one Michel, the head contractor for the building, about the incidents that had taken place in the area from the wires, but the contractor denied being told.

Michel said he accepted the contract because he knows the owner of the property and was asked to do the work.  He said it was at that point he thought to bring those boys to him do the work.

Even though Michel denied being told the history of the contract, the property owner in a confused mood said:  “I told you to tell the people’s children to go home because of what has happened here in the past, but when I turn my back to go to my sick sister, you allowed the children to climb up there?”

Commenting further, Moses said, “I give the contract this morning I instructed you to firstly work on the doors and then take your own time to work on the window… the frustration and challenges from last year up to now are too much for me.”


  1. Was it really necessary to show this graphic picture of this young man ? Would you like your relative in that position or condition to be exposed. What happened to the privacy, dignity of this you man and the respect for his family ?

    We hope he recovers and we say sorry to his family..


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