‘Budget Execution Should Not Be Left with Executive’

Senator Moye: "We will ensure the budget is executed to the letter."

Sen. Prince Moye

Check and balance in democratic governance makes it compelling to have three branches of government; namely, the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary, with each branch conducting its affairs without the interference of another branch.

However, check and balance allows one branch to follow up on the performances of the other in line with the laws governing the entire system, and it is in this vein that newly inducted Bong County Senator, Prince Moye, has promised to join forces with other like-minded Senators of the 54th Legislature to hold the Executive Branch accountable in the execution of the country’s budget which is the major working tool.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer on January 13, 2021, Senator Moye who has served as Bong County Representative for nine years and was elected in the December 2020 Senatorial mid-term election to serve a new nine-year term, stated: “I am going to see to it that the budget execution is not left with the Executive. The budget is the development tool that the country has to work with, and its execution should impact the lives of every Liberian and not used in a particular segment alone, leaving the rest of the country out.”

Acknowledging the people of Bong County for electing him overwhelmingly in the recent election, Senator Moye asserted that, “in as much as I was consulted to represent the interest of the people at the level of the Senate, nothing more, nothing more than their interest.  No other interest but the Liberian people’s interest.”

He added that as a former co-presiding officer and Ways and Means Committee Chairperson in the House of Representatives, he will liaise with his colleagues whose interest is the country to use their oversight responsibility to see to it that the national budget is executed to the letter.

“We are going to see to it that what is placed in there for CARI, for example, for CB Dunbar, for Bong Technical College, for Zwedru Multilateral; what they have in there, let them have it on time,” Senator Moye asserted.

The Bong County Senator, who was inducted into office on Monday, January 12 along with four others, contended that the revenue envelop of the country is performing well but clinics, hospitals, schools and feeder roads are not touched.

“The budget has two sides — the revenue and expenditure,” he explained. “You have to receive before spending, and when you are receiving so much, it means you are performing and therefore have to spend.  Spending must not be restricted to one segment of the country and others be left out completely.”

According to Sen. Moye, “spending the national budget in one segment of the country” reflects the reasons for which Liberians voted the way they did in the December 8, 2020 senatorial election. 

Referencing the election, Senator Moye said: “I went across the county (Bong) to campaign and we all saw how the results went across the country.  By the results, you know that our people are not happy with the way they are governed.”

He said if the Executive were using the budget to impact the people equitably and evenly, the ruling party would not have gotten the results it got in the election after putting up candidates across the country.

He noted that Liberia’s budget of US$530 million, used during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, which saw a lot of areas functioning well, is what the country still uses; yet things are falling apart.

“We used the same US$530 million during Ellen Administration and there were lots of activities; drugs in clinics and hospitals, and schools were way, way performing. Community colleges were performing and teachers were not sleeping in the banks because of no money.  We still have the same $530 or more million and you hear cries of the people all over.  This means that something is wrong somewhere, and perhaps the Committee on Ways and Means that is supposed to have oversight of the budget is not effective,” he added.

As he takes on his new task at the Senate, Senator Moye said there is no way that he can skip the Budget Committee, which needs representation from each county, and he will ensure that he views that performance of the financial budget every two weeks and if anything goes contrary to what allotments are for, the Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs or the relevant authority will be invited for questioning and onward action.

 “We are going to put our feet down to correct the wrong,” Senator Moye said.

Senator Moye’s disclosure of plans to hold the Executive in check signals a tough time that the George Weah Administration may face with the upper House.  In many instances, the President, who has the spending power and serves as the head of government, has influenced the Legislature most of the time to go his or her way. Now, with the Senate dominated by more opposition and independent candidates as a result of the December 8, 2020 mid-term election, President George Weah may have no easy ride to the achievement of his agenda given the level of scrutiny that can now be expected.


  1. I wish you luck in your endeavors, senator!
    Show us where under this sun the government should not execute its budget but leave it with you to do. I hope you keep up to your words to the people you claim to represent.
    You better concentrate on your oversight role and development catalysts to pressure the government to improve the livelihood of Liberians, be there and be distracted on why you were elected.
    Some senators can be foolish enough to come out and say “I built this school, I constructed this and that”, nonsense! Can’t you spy on the US senators, the country we consider our mother?

    Beware, when we (ANC) take over the country in January of 2024! Know why you run to represent your people!

    • Except where, Alex Cummings decides to run as an independent; for Liberia’s Presidency. A CPP win, can not be an ANC win unilaterally. Cummings, at the moment is a member of Collations People Party. If you want to call it an ANC victory, then let Alex Cummings run as an independent; under the banner of his “ANC-PARTY”. Whoever becomes Standard Bearer of CPP during Liberia’s 2023 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, shall be the CPP’S Candidate. Nothing else!

    • You darn right, Senators don’t build schools and bridges in the USA. Instead, they seek funds for projects and other developments in their constituencies. They don’t take part in the spending of the development funds. Besides, the US has a federal system also.

      It pains my heart to see our lawmakers being put under enormous pressure to do what they are not supposed to. That encourages corruption. A Senator is not the Public Works Minister.
      What happens to the country’s national development plans then if Senators and representatives should be building roads and bridges? What happens to regional airports too?

      A lot of things have not just been working in LIB. The UNITARY System has been a dismal failure. The seat of the central government, Monrovia, is grossly underdeveloped with all the funds allocated there for years. So why can’t you folks try something new? Why is the decentralization LAW not implemented yet?

      Try political and economic decentralization so that the locals in the interior will benefit from the resources of their country. What’s even questionable is the population. Why are all counties receiving $250k annually for developments? $250k can’t support a district in Grand Bassa let alone Nimba, Lofa, Bong, Cape Mount, Mont., etc. Where did this idea come from? Why leave out population? What’s the essence of CENSUS then? We keep doing things that have not worked.

      Why are you folks still giving out the country’s resources to multi-national corporations? Can’t we try something other than concessions? Hello Botswana!! We get $29m while the companies take out billions. They won’t tell you. Papay Tubman had a better idea, a JVC … LAMCO.. He had a JOINT VENTURE with group of companies folks. In modern times, there are many better options.

      See Botswana, China, Mauritius, Singapore, South Korea and even Ghana? They utilized the EXPERTISE of their citizens from everywhere.

  2. Senator Moye; show us the real [MONEY💰]. You forgot to take inflation factors into consideration. U.S$530 Mils during the E.J.S administration is not the same, in terms of today’s dollar value. Common sense! We can very well expect revenues short falls that will definitely translate to budget deficits for the next fiscal year… 2020 and beyond are turbulence [ECONOMIC] years for the world 🌍; needless to say for Liberia. *A lock 🔐 down definitely comes with negative Economic Impacts. No matter who’s in charge of Liberia’s Budget. Good luck. OmG! Bless Liberia.

  3. The Senator is trying to save face his ugly attitudes. Is now you’re prepare to checkmates the national budget? Is not you that was used during EJS administration as a agent in that same house to convince colleagues with brown envelopes in order to fulfill EJS devilish desire against the country? I want you to take a deeper reflection on that! You are on track record for that.

    It is a welcoming idea to checkmate the executive branch of government by well meaning Liberian, be a individual, private or governmental entities most especially in term of expenditures, but are you prepare to do that with sincerity? You will not be convinced with brown envelopes again as you did before? But Hon. Senator, to be more serious on this, I want your advocacies to starts on yours’ salaries cut at least to $ 5, 000.00USD; our country’s is too poor for a lawmaker to accumulate $ 10. 000USD to $ 15,000.000USD in one month time. With yours salaries cut, it would walk in line with roads construction, better healthcare for the poor and it would potentially rise the living standard for ordinary Liberians, but if your salaries remain steadfast, your check and balance philosophy would be meaningless to the Liberian people.

    Please think on that Hon. Senator! Let’s put our country first.


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