Bucky Raw’s CS2 Mixtape Continues Record Breaking Streak

All Bucky Raw did was to send out an impromptu Facebook post, which served as the only announcement for the mixtape's release, and fans went wild.

Bucky Raw continues to history, this time being the first Liberian rapper to have his album or mixtape feature on Billboard music chart.

Bucky “Country Soda 2” (CS2) mixtape, released few months after his deportation from the US, now stands 10 places (September 12, 2018) on the Billboard world music album chart.  The mixtape has been projected by Liberian music critics to reach #1 if the current demand trend continues.

The mixtape is currently 10th place on the iTunes World Music Albums chart and 89th on the Amazon Best Seller International category for digital (September 12, 2018), although last week it  topped both charts.

This achievement makes the rapper the first and only Liberian artist to have his album/mixtape featured in the top ten of iTunes, Amazon, and Billboard.

CS2 is a 12-track mixtape composed of lyrics that are derogative to women and considered by music critics unfit for listening due to its negative or abusive melodic.

However, despite the fact that the mixtape is highly filled with such lyrics, its demand among both male and female fans continues to surge in order to meet the artist’s target of 50,000 digital sales on all streaming platform.

It is a target which appears possible, looking at the fact that the mixtape’s release came out of nowhere and without promotional publicity. Yet its demand has increased and is massively loved by fans.

All Bucky did was to send out an impromptu Facebook post, which served as the only announcement for the mixtape’s release, and fans went wild.

“Country Soda 2” (CS2) has been produced by over five producers, making it Bucky’s first studio mixtape. The cover art for the 12-track collection features a child with a hat on, standing in front of a group of people behind him.

The massive love shown towards CS2 by fans is something that is unprecedented in Liberia’s music industry and in post-war Liberian music industry.



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