BTFS Dedicates US$60K WASH Facilities in Paynesville

Rep Enders cuts ribbon to the water tower

The SD Cooper Road community, like many other communities in Monrovia and its environs, has been confronted with numerous social problems, but WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) is no longer a problem for this community which has a modest number of ten thousand residents.

This is because Bowier Trust Foundation Switzerland (BTFS), a Swiss non-governmental organization, thought to alleviate this acute social problem with the construction of a US$60,000 safe drinking water and toilet facilities – practically bringing the community’s dream to fruition.

Rep. Enders and BTFS president Walz at the ceremony

The project, a water tower and faucet as well as a toilet facility in the Immanuel Christian Academy Compound, was dedicated last Sunday to ease the community’s water problem.

Though residents considered the gesture as a great relief, BTFS president Felix Walz sees the implementation of the projects as a way of giving to a community that is in need of basic necessities of life.
Mr. Walz said the initiative was undertaken in collaboration with Rotary Club Switzerland.

“These facilities are necessities and our people need them,” he said, adding, “WASH is not a problem in my home, so it becomes a serious concern for some of us if people are not having access to them,” Walz said.

He said that water is life, “so we want all of our people not to have just life, but a quality one.”

Walz said that there are also plans to construct five more hand pumps in other communities within a short period, according to BTFS’s plan.

These WASH projects, the Swiss-based NGO said, fall within its three pillars of contributions to the health, security and education sectors of Liberia and was funded by Rotary Club Switzerland.

Minister Shoniyin speaking at the dedication

Deputy Foreign Minister Elias Shoniyin, who represented the government at the ceremony, termed the initiative as “a great contribution to the government’s quest to ensure better living conditions for its citizens.

“By bringing water here, you have added to the quality of life in this community, because your work is in support of the women and children that are hunting for better livelihoods,” Shoniyin said.

He described WASH as a critical component of the government’s agenda as it wants to ensure that every Liberian has access to affordable sanitation services.

He urged community members to properly handle the facilities.

Representative Samuel Enders, lawmaker of Montserrado County District #6, acknowledged how several communities in the city are facing water and sanitation problems, which he said need a quick intervention.

Enders said that the facilities will help the community prevent water borne diseases and alleviate poor latrine conditions.

Representatives from the security sector, motorcyclists union and community leaders also spoke in defense of the project.

They then lauded BTFS for the initiative.


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