Brumskine: “We Want to Clean Up Electoral Mess”

Brumskine seeks legal means to clean all electoral mess in the country

By Abednego Davis and David S. Menjor

Liberty Party standard bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine who is seeking rerun of the October 10 presidential and legislative elections due to alleged irregularities and frauds said the action by his party is to clean up the electoral mess and correct the system.

Cllr. Brumskine, who represented his party in the arguments as to whether or not the Supreme Court should issue a writ of prohibition on the National Elections Commission (NEC) preventing the holding of the Nov. 7 runoff election, stated that his intention was not about winning or losing an election. “It is about proving it right that no good can come from out of evil,” he said.

He argued that if the runoff election is held without looking into his complaint, that would be a clear violation of the party’s constitutional right to a due process.

Therefore, he pleaded with the court to halt the runoff pending final determination of the merit and demerit of the complaint by the court.

Harrison Karnwea and Musa Bility march other executives of Liberty Party to the grounds of the Supreme Court

In counter argument, NEC’s lead lawyer Frank Musa Dean asked the court to deny the LP complaint and give NEC the permission to conduct the Nov. 7 runoff election.

Cllr. Dean argued that NEC was investigating LP’s complaint as provided by Article 83 of the constitution which he said gives NEC 30 days to hear any complaint from the electoral process.

According to him, the 30 days will run up to Nov. 23, at which time the runoff election might have been held and a winner declared by NEC.

Article 83 on which NEC relied their argument states that:
(a) Voting for the President, Vice-President, members of the Senate and members of the House of Representatives shall be conducted throughout the Republic on the second Tuesday in October of each election year.

(b) All elections of public officers shall be determined by an absolute majority of the votes cast. If no candidate obtains an absolute majority in the first ballot, a second ballot shall be conducted on the second Tuesday following. The two candidates who received the greatest numbers of votes on the first ballot shall be designated to participate in the run off election.

(c) The returns of the elections shall be declared by the Elections Commission not later than fifteen days after the casting of ballots. Any party or candidate who complains about the manner in which the elections were conducted or who challenges the results thereof shall have the right to file a complaint with the Elections Commission. Such complaint must be filed not later than seven days after the announcement of the results of the elections.

The Elections Commission shall, within thirty days of receipt of the complaint, conduct an impartial investigation and render a decision which may involve a dismissal of the complaint or a nullification of the election of a candidate. Any political party or independent candidate affected by such decision shall not later than seven days appeal against it to the Supreme Court.

The Elections Commission shall within seven days of receipt of the notice of appeal, forward all the records in the case to the Supreme Court, which not later than seven days thereafter, shall hear and make its determination. If the Supreme Court nullifies or sustains the nullification of the election of any candidate, for whatever reasons, the Elections commission shall within sixty days of the decision of the Court conduct new elections to fill the vacancy. If the court sustains the election of a candidate, the Elections Commission shall act to effectuate the mandate of the Court.

Meanwhile, ruling into the argument for the writ of prohibition was reserved for Monday Nov. 6.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Brumskine could not win through the ballot box, instead he turned to derailment. A cowardly act, like what the Junta leader (Samuel Doe) did in 1985……the only difference is that Doe had gun and state power. How often can we allowed our self to go down this low. This is the lowest of the low for a man who wants state power. WHAT IS THE MORAL COMPETENCE, THAT WILL MAKE LIBERIAN WANT TO GIVE HIM STATE POWER.

  2. …..thanks Flomo, well articulated. NEC, SUPREME COURT, ECOWAS, BIG STAKE HOLDERS, it is about the choice of the Liberian people Vs. Self-centered, greed and selfish politicians who do not want to be a loser.

  3. Such irrational assessments of Brumskine’s Liberty Party’s action. As much as some of you believe this action of the LP is against your CDC presumed victory, that’s just not the case. What the LP did or is doing is exactly the kind of thing we want for any party who feels aggrieved throughout the electoral process to do. That is to take their grievance to court and let the courts be the judge. Not putting supporters in the streets, throwing rocks at people, setting fires at businesses or at other people’s properties or taking the law in your own hands. So people should park their personal interest about this election saga and let the law takes its course. Whatever the glitch in the process now is squarely in the laps of the NEC and the courts and not Brumskine’s. Ever since people like John Stewart and others have been telling us that this Korkoya man was not fit to be head of the NEC because of his demonstrated incompetence, his US citizenship and his susceptibility to corruption and therefore suggesting that he be replaced, our president did not listen. Now all those concerns are coming to pass and regrettably at the expense of our tranquility. Our so-called 12 years of peace about to be tested big time. Not that we welcome it but it just happens to be the reality and made so by unscrupulous people in our national leadership. When the president abandons her own party, the party and people that have supported her programs and policies for the past 12 years, programs that are being trashed and discounted by the opposition she has locked arms with against her own party’s candidate, then isn’t that sign of things to come? Has she not set the stage in that regard for national disloyalty? For chaos? For self-interest over the greater good? In 2005 and 2010 majority Liberians supported and backed the president’s candidacy over George Weah’s and in spite of all the negatives people had to say about her compared to Weah’s clean record at the time. In spite of all that yet, Liberians chose the president over Weah and simply because they were convinced a George Weah presidency spelt a gloomy and disastrous future for Liberia. Why? Because George Weah did was surrounded by dangerous elements, people who did not believe in democracy, rule of law, freedom of press or anything other than their self-interests. Up to today that picture has not changed much. And president Sirleaf is siding with that group against her own vice-president? A humble and harmless man who was so subservient to her to a fault? In fact the opposition’s only criticism against the vice-president is legacy of president Sirleaf’s 12 years in power or lack thereof. And the president will side with those same people saying she did not accomplish anything during those years and therefore the election of her vice-president would be equivalent to her third term? We are told from reliable sources that even her colleagues from Guinea and Sierra Leone cannot fathom such unusual political move. But whatever this president is trying to preserve or protect in George Weah will come to light soon. We all pray for a peaceful election and smooth transition.

    • Hilary, rebels don’t like going through the process, they prefer to misconstrue what you say so they can have cause to fight. It’s isn’t about winning or losing. Rather, it’s about doing things the proper way.

  4. Brumskine’s fight to set the record straight is very tricky. And so, irrespective of how he and his supporters maneuver, he should never, never be given any chance to come close to the mansion. Brumskine came in a distant 3rd. But Weah and Boakai were the highest vote getters. The highest vote getters are the ones to participate in the runoff! That’s how majority rule works.

    It seems that a segment of the Liberian people have problems with such names as: Weah, Boakai, Nuquay, Flomo, Sesay, etc. But when it comes to names like Brumskine, or Peterson or Cooper and so forth, it’s all honky-dory. No, it ain’t going to quack or duck like that.
    In a democratic situation, names of people or their places of origin in the country shouldn’t matter at all. But as time quickly goes by, one get the sense that some Liberians are telling us insidiously that being born with an unanglicized name is pure “country”.
    A splendid way to change Liberia’s electoral system is to accept a “6-year term limit” presidency. This practice of a term limit is done in South Korea. In South Korea, the presidential term limit is only 5 years. In Liberia’s situation, 6 years of corruption are better than 12 years!
    If we’ve had a term-limit presidency, Boakai would have been ineligible to contest the October 10 elections. There would have no Brumskine tactics or even the idea of an interim government.

    • F. Hney; however you look at it, Cllr. Brumskine is no longer on”The Ballot. It’s going to be George and Joseph. Cllr. Brumskine has every right to correct a wrong; where there is. The accusations of irregularities, are coming from many sources; not just Cllr. Brumskine. After all, the future of a Nation, Liberia is at stake. If we keep doing things wrong, we will always get the same wrong results. That’s the point.

  5. Freeman,
    I agree 100% that corruption of any kind must be dealt with severely wherever corruption raises its head. I also agree that Brumskine and all patriotic Liberians have a moral obligation to fight corruption anytime and anywhere.
    There are some who feel that the idea of an interim government is the work of many politicians. Some Liberians speculate that Brumskine’s thinking is associated with that line of thought. Personally, I have no evidence. My point is simple……deal with voter fraud after the runoff. The idea of going to court as Brumskine suggests while the runoff is days away is a diversion or maybe a diversion tactic. It took 9 months for all of us, including Brumskine to wait in the loving wombs of our beloved mothers before we came smiling or crying into this sinful world. It did! Since that’s the case, well, I suppose that Brumskine and all patriotic Liberians can wait for one month until after the runoff.

    If an investigation is done after the runoff, it’ll be thorough. On the other hand, if the investigation of voter fraud is done before the runoff, we will never know the truth.

    Time is of the essence.

  6. Mr. F Hney; this is what I have always thought……this is a deliberate diversion. Besides, out of the 21 or 20 political parties, just Cummings’ Boikai and Brumskins. I m hearing people saying many parties are not satisfy. Three political parties are not considered many, out of 21, unless my arithmetic is not correct. Above all else, is the choice of the Liberian People that matters, and should be respected.

  7. Criticizing Brumskine is unprofessional, he’s a citizen and he have the legal right to file in any complaints of irregularities, he’s backed constitutionally, the only worst part about it is if, his claims are not true.. Then I suggest he be dealt with according to the law and the court ruling for delaying state power and disrupting public rights.

  8. Mr. H. Snyder; whatever an individual does and he/she is consider a CDC supporter should be dealt with accordingly. Mr. George Weah doesn’t have octopus fingers to keep lid on every CDC supporters. The case you making is very irrational. Mr. Weah is always on air calling on his supporters not to engage in any disruption, and protest. If you cannot credit him for that, then you are one of the master AGENT PROVOCTEUR.

    Mr. Brumskins is only crying now because he knows there is no way he can be president in his life time. It was his dream, however; not all dreams can become reality. I m not in Liberia at this moment, but from what I m hearing and the results that came out on Oct. 10, it should have sent him packing. NEC already declare his claim “NONSENSE”. It is very shameful if not a disgrace for a man who cannot even win 25% of total vote thinks he can be president. Only in Liberia this is possible, because we are the only country in the world that give special preferences to people with WESTERN name…the Brumskins, the Simpsons, the Dennis, the Cooper etc..

    I m not a CDC supporter.. I respect the choice of the Liberian people.
    MR. BRUMSKINS, GO REST AND COME BACK IN 2030, AFTER CELEBRITING YOUR 80th BIRTHDAY. At that time, Boika will be 87, he can be your VP running mate. A senior Citizen ticket will be really COMICAL..HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  9. Before we pray for dsruption of the electoral process by protestors, we should pray for cheating hearts….and Agent Provocateurs


  10. WE SHOULD PRAY FOR Brumskins, Urey, Comings and Alzheimer’s patient OLD MAN BOIKAI . They have thrown a MONKEY WRENCH IN the electoral process. They already realized that there is no way either of them can be president in their life span.

    They placed their EGOS before Liberia, a “Cowardly Mind Set”


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