Brumskine Vows to Revamp Agriculture

Cllr. Brumskine (R) and his running mate Harrison Karnwea (L) in Ganta after the convention

By Ishmael F. Menkor

The leader of the opposition Liberty Party, Charles W. Brumskine, has vowed to revamp the country’s agriculture sector if he is elected president in October.

Speaking at the party’s third national convention in Ganta recently, he said the Liberty Party will revamp the Agriculture Cooperative Development Bank (ACDB) and extend its branches all over the country as a means of empowering Liberian farmers.

Brumskine explained that his government will diversify the economy, with emphasis on agriculture, rebuild the country’s infrastructure and restructure the economic system, “because Liberia is not a poor country.”

He said the LP will reconcile Liberians to ensure domestic peace and also reform the education and the governance systems, “where city mayors and chiefs will be elected by their own people.”

In order to strengthen the reconciliation process, he said in his first six months in office, his government will appoint experts to review the history of each ethnic group.
The political leader boasted of his experience in public service, where he said, he has never been at the center of any audit.

It should be noted that Brumskine is the first to speak about revamping the ACDB, which has been dormant for several decades.
He said the Liberty Party’s strategy is based on four “Rs” which are reconciliation, reform, rebuilding, and recovery.

“The social welfare system is about to be changed,” he said. “Funds will be provided to cater to the older folks, whether they are retired or not.”

As a vote rich county, Nimba remains the political battleground and destination priority for all the political parties that will be contesting the general elections in October.


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