Brumskine in Trouble with NDC

…For anti-Boakai comment

Dr. Kargbo (left): “Brumskine has nothing to show to Liberians that he is more qualified than Boakai”; (right) NDC vice chair, Ciapha Gbolie

Counselor Charles Walker Brumskine’s recent statement, describing as “nonsense” earlier comments by Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s about public concerns and pronouncements on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s perceived support to the opposition Liberty Party (LP) has created more trouble for him than he might have expected.

Recently, VP Boakai insinuated that President Sirleaf was clandestinely supporting Brumskine’s Liberty Party rather than the new standard bearer of Unity Party (UP), the party on whose ticket she rose to the presidency.

And because of Brumskine’s description as “nonsense” a statement by the Vice President, who is now the standard bearer of the UP, the leadership of the opposition National Democratic Coalition (NDC) over the weekend said it sees Brumskine’s comments as “ill-advised and an outburst of emotion bordered on fear of the Vice President.”

The NDC then called on Liberian electorates not to be misinformed by Mr. Brumskine and the Liberty Party about the socio-political realities of the country.

Dr. Nyaquoi Kargbo, NDC’s political leader, who read the party’s statement at a press conference in Monrovia, recalled that while addressing rumors that President Sirleaf prefers and is quietly supporting Mr. Brumskine to succeed her as the next president of Liberia, “Brumskine mischaracterized Vice President Boakai and wrongly depicted him as someone employing the ‘Congo-Country’ divide in Liberia’s politics.”

“Sadly, Brumskine, who was once a strong supporter of former President Charles Ghankay Taylor, whose record is unhidden regarding the destruction of the country and his plan to destabilize the sub-region, tacitly likened Boakai to self-serving individuals who exploit political opportunism. They exploited the people, destroyed the country, and enriched themselves at the peril of ordinary people,” the NDC said.

By now, Dr. Kargbo said, it has become clear to Liberians that VP Boakai has emerged as the hope and unifying statesman for ordinary Liberians, and as such, has become a threat and obstacle to the interest of the relics of the establishment class in its desperate political desire to maintain the old political status quo after President Sirleaf’s tenure expires in January 2018.

“NDC believes that ordinary Liberians prefer Boakai to Brumskine as president because they believe that he is a well-experienced, educated, mature and sober indigenous leader that is capable of addressing the fundamental ills of the country, including the ‘Country-Congo’ divide through genuine reconciliation…equitable distribution of national wealth,” Dr. Kargbo said.

Meanwhile the party has called on Cllr. Brumskine and his LP not to present and use the Vice President as a scapegoat for Liberia’s intractable socio-political, economic and historical problems.

The NDC thinks when Brumskine talks about the ‘native-settler divide’ in such a flimsy and careless manner, “it means he is naïve, and has not understood the actual reality of Liberia’s political, social and economic problems.”

NDC added that any leader failing to admit Liberia’s problems and who pretends that the settler versus the indigenous majority problem has ceased to exist, “such a person is either a fake leader or a downright political demagogue, undeserving of leading the country.”

The fundamental issue on good and democratic governance that Cllr. Brumskine failed to address and instead of mudslinging VP Boakai in his comment, according to the NDC, is the one that borders on conflict of interest, which the current Code of Conduct should have, but deliberately failed to address.

ANC’s Reaction

The NDC’s reaction to Brumskine’s remark is not the first.  Just last week, Lafayette Orishall Gould, chairman of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), described the Liberty Party standard bearer’s statement against the Vice President as “unfortunate and disrespectful.”

Gould told reporters in Monrovia that, “For Mr. Brumskine to denigrate the office of the Vice President is quite unfortunate.

“I think the office of the Vice President is sacred, meaning it is revered; and therefore, must be respected by all at any given time. It needs to be respected. For God’s sake, the Vice President remains the country’s #2, not because he is contesting in the upcoming elections.”


  1. my fear and the fear of the Liberian people is that H.E. Vice President Joseph N. Boakai might not
    want to go after Elllen Johnson-Sirleaf for her neglect to create an environment for Liberian and foreign
    investments into the country to provide jobs for Liberians to support their families financially instead of
    living in their own country as if they (Liberians) were aliens. The Liberian people are afraid of H.E. Vice
    President Joseph N. Boakai to go after Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her neglect to prosecute the Reports
    of the General Auditing Commission under John Morlu in order to retrieve into the Government Account all the money that were stolen.

    Other than that, the Vice President is okay. Bur at this time in the frame of history, Liberian badly
    needs a candidate who is completely not dented in this Government to set the new stage for
    national development goal. And that is H.E. Alexander B. Cummings.

  2. Let it be known to Liberians without prejudice that the likes of Brumskine and Urey are still in the Liberian body politics that God can use to punish Liberians when He is tired of their sins. I don’t want to believe that these people and their political likes cannot take leadership position in Liberia, but they day any of them takes power, remember that God is using him to punish us for our sins as He did to the children of Israel in cases of Jehoikim and other wicked kings that ruled the Israelis. To reflect a bit, Brumskine used religious divide in 2005 to gain votes, tribal divide in 2011 to gain a little, and now insult to a national leader to gain popularity. Let us also visit Urey to see if his spirit of arrogance and dictatorship has reduced in handling his workers on his Careysburg farm. Let’s also remember who was Urey during the days of Charles Taylor. The Prime Minister who controlled the Maritime money at the time. The man who says Masonic Craft brothers are the only best people to rule Liberia. Though our history is not written, 1997 to 2003 still fresh on the minds of many Liberians.

    • Mr. Sendolo, you dead wrong on Brumskine, Brunskine and Taylor never got along because he told the Taylor the true and Taylor went after him and he fled in exile. You cannot compared mr. Urey and Brumskine. The baseless attack on Brumskine by these clues opposition show that he is strongest candidate and they fear him. The opposition should be attacking the ruling party instead

  3. Let the ANC and NDC leaderships tell the Liberian people what they can do best to transform this country when given power in october this year instead of being a spoke person for VP Joseph Bokai. We expect Liberian oppositions to be very mature in addressing political issues.It doesn’t make sense when i listen to oppositions in the country always in the constant habit of attacking each other.How do you understand minority and majority block in a mature democratic society? We expect the oppositions to be identifying the pitfalls and gaps of the ruling party and exposing them to the public instead of making nonsensical attacked on other opposition candidates.The world is watching and reading all we say and do.And that would show to the world whether we are mature or not.

  4. These so-call opposition are so clueless and hypocritical it is unbelievable. Mr. Brunskine and the Liberty party are suppose to sit there and allow the inept Boakai and his supports without giving any proof whatsoever, to continuously spread falsehood that the president is bankrolling their campaign. What genuine political party will accept such an insult? Boakai and his group need to point the finger at them self and look in the mirror. The man is corrupt, he employed 140 staffers doing nothing and has done nothing for Lofa. He go fired by sawyer. He also stop Liberty party from using government propert (the city hall) in Lofa after it was booked well in advance by the party. Such a man cannot become president of Liberia. Also the mass exodus of partisan from Unity party point directly to his leadership, the people don’t trust him or see him as a strong leader and his boss doesn’t see him that way either.

  5. Until we change the legislature, no progress will come to our country. These greedy people have blocked the election of the suprintendents by the county resident themselves. The senators fear that the development fund money will go to the counties instead of in their pockets. There is no other group of officials as parasitic, useless, worthless, incompetent as these blood suckers. As for the presidential candidates, instead of attacking each other, why don’t you all show by example how to govern with politeness and decorum. So the first thing is to remove all these useless parasites.

    • Thank you, Johnson this should be the major concern of all Liberians. The Legislators. For Liberia to improve the Liberian People must hold the Lawmakers accountable. Stop giving them a free pass while you are suffering and living on their pocket change. If the Legislative Branch is Strong the President will be held in CHECK. You are electing the Lawmakers, they are working for you, you can remove them.

  6. The statement made by Candidate, Brumskine on division is not so serious that will cause all these attacks against him. I believe there are interesting things to talk about in this Presidential Campaign then attacking each other. NDC must take a keen look at the Unity Party and their Administration leadership where corruption is an established routine at every level of Government. Where is the Vice President and why he has not altered any statement against this destructive practice called, CORTUPTION instead advocating division? He did serve as 2nd most powerful position in the Country. When did he realize that we, the citizens are divided in two groups? I believe, he knows that his down fall is near because Liberians can not be so stupid to elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s deputy as her replacement. To clear all these NONSENSE, we need a Leader who is focus on creating JOBS for Liberians and bring in developments that will make Liberians PROUD. The Leader is ALEX B. CUMMINGS OF THE ANC. He is the only CANDIDATE for President cleaned and free of CORRUPTION.

  7. Let us the pundits do what we do best; speculate and pontificate as long as the majority will of Liberian voters eventually be the ultimate decider of the 2017 presidential elections in keeping with democratic best practices. Furthermore, the peace and prosperity of our people and country depend on the cooperation, peaceful coexistence, and power – sharing of both the descendants of the founding fathers, and those of the natives they met on the land.

    Needless, to say we’re one people, and only insatiable greed sepates, and divides us. For heaven’s sake, if ants can live and work in unity; why not us Liberians?

    Put another way, a free, fair, and ethically -conducted presidential elections must be the factor as to whether the next president will be Boakai, Weah, Urey, Brumskine, Jones, Cummings, or whomsoever. Is,that too much to ask, I don’t think so.

  8. Just a few points, Kai and others. Being opposition does not mean enemy. Besides, you will be doing justice if you are not biased but set a straight agenda and evaluate your opponents holistically. Yes, we are one people, and if we are, let’s be fair to one another and don’t be the first to insult others on the basis of opposition. Opposition does not mean everything of your opponent is wrong or bad. For electing Superintendent, I candidly tell you, it will do more harm than good. Majority tribes will elect only their kinds and don’t consider the competence of others of minority tribes. See the Gio versus the Mano in Nimba and the Sarpo and Kru in the South-east, not to mention Mandingoes and Gbee.

  9. Great piece but caption problem,this to me is no trouble but the expression of one mind or opinion about issues and he is free to do so. So what is the trouble? Over the past weeks,there have been speculations of that the president support LP instead of UP and if this has become a public issues then it was only good to clear the air. This however do not in any way disrespect the office of the Vice president or as an individual. He is a candidate in the coming elections and will be treated as one and not as the vice president. If he fight other with words or his supporters,in like-manner he too will be fought and it is simple. This is about time we talk about the issues that confront us and how we can solve them instead of mere words that contribute nothing to the solution process. Liberia is bigger than everyone and we must keep our eye on the bigger picture.


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