Brumskine Demands Recusal of NEC Chairman, Commissioners

Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine speaking yesterday at his party headquarters, in Congo Town.

By Hannah N. Geterminah and Robin Dopoe

Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, the standard bearer of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) is demanding that the chairman and fellow commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) recuse themselves from presiding over his party’s claim of irregularities and fraud against the electoral body.

The NEC is expected to hear the case in line with the mandate of the Supreme Court, beginning today, Nov. 7.

Speaking yesterday at a press conference held at the LP headquarters in Congo Town, Cllr. Brumskine added that his party does not feel comfortable about the NEC Commissioners presiding over the case because the commissioners have already rendered a judgment.

“We will ask the NEC officials to recuse themselves from the case and, if they refuse, we will go back to court and file an appeal for the Supreme Court to mandate that they must be removed. We don’t independently trust the judgment from the NEC Commissioners concerning our complaint, once that they have pre-judged the case,” Cllr. Brumskine noted.

He said the law gives him the right to ask the NEC commissioners presiding over the case to recuse themselves from hearing the case.

Brumskine further said he does not expect free and fair hearing from the NEC commissioners; therefore the party is calling on them to recuse themselves from hearing the case to allow what he described as a transparent process.

“But my commitment to the people of Liberia is that there will be no violence, as we strive to change our country for the better and remains unshaken. Our effort is about the hundreds of thousands of Liberians, who were denied the right to vote; it is about the unknown number of persons who voted more than once, because they had voter registration cards issued by Amose Siebo and others who were given voter registration cards producing materials by the NEC,” he alleged.

He stated “It is about that lady who had to pay L$150 to an NEC official in order to have her name written in a notebook, as a pre-condition to voting. It is about every Liberian who stood in lines for hours to vote for a particular candidate, only to realize thereafter that their votes were not included in the count.

“But it is also about those employees of the NEC who have been made to believe that, to secure their jobs they had to be a part of the conspiracy to defraud the people of Liberia; and, it is about all Liberians who have been told that the only way to succeed in our country is to break the law or commit offenses against humanity.”

Brumskine stressed that the course they are pursuing is not about him, neither about the Liberty Party; but it is about the country, which includes every Liberian, even those who are opposing his party’s decision.

The LP leader also added that most Liberians are apprehensive because the change in the country has become synonymous with suffering, destruction and death, leaving the average Liberian worse off before the purported change started.

“All of us must, however, be aware of the wolves in sheep clothing and that they crucified us for doing what is right, and glorified those who would destroy our country,” he said. “And that they advocate that we do nothing about it, risking the demise of any hope of developing liberal democracy in our country, dooming Liberians, even those that are yet unborn, to a state of helplessness. Today’s opinion of the Supreme Court is not the end, it is only the beginning. Evil, which has taken us down this road in the first place, is going to strike back with venom.”

Meanwhile, Cllr. Brumskine acknowledged the collaborative effort of other political parties -All Liberia Party (ALP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), and the Unity Party (UP) in their political and legal endeavor to save the country.


  1. The gathering storm surrounding this election saga is very very serious and dangerous and it seems the NEC and the GOL are downplaying this reality, or they are just too darn naïve and stupid to recognize this fact. If NEC admits to the fraud and discrepancy allegations, it runs the risk of cancelling the October 10th election results and conducting a rerun. If it buries its head in the sand and ignores or dismisses the preponderance of evidence adduced by LP et Al and attempts to carry on as if all is well, the aggrieved parties will run to the high court whereupon a hearing will become necessary in the matter. The high court will not ignore the adduced evidence and rule otherwise. Meaning we are in a huge mess, courtesy of Mr. Korkoya and his NEC. Perhaps its high time we put aside our pride and bring back Mr. Flomoyan, who was never dismissed but resigned his chairmanship in good faith. That’s one possible resolution to this potential Korkoya-made crisis.

  2. Snyder, you are a fan of this nonsense. Anyone can file a lawsuit against any election commission. it’s a fact that there’s is, and there will be no perfect election anywhere. You are entertaining nonsense. Brunskine’s strategy is not rerun because he knows that he can’t win as evidenced by the two previous presidential results. The result and or outcome is inevitable.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Gaymen when he says, “there’s no perfect election anywhere”. Certainly, there isn’t any perfect election! During the 1960s, a presidential election was held in the US. It’s been properly documented that there was election fraud in the city of Chicago where I spent a bulk of my life. The presidential contest was between Kennedy and Richard Nixon. But, although it was abundantly clear that widespread cheating occurred that year, the American people did not cause a mess as Brumskine is doing in Liberia.

    It is a fact of life that Brumskine is motivated by his self-interest. Brumskine’s self-interest has taken precedence over the interest of the nation. Sadly, it’s a shame. It looks as if Brumskine’s super ego has been taken over by his id. His ego is lost in oblivion. Instead of blaming Brumskine who is stirring things up,
    a number of people are blaming Korkoya without fully examining the facts. The question to be asked is this: Did Korkoya encourage some Liberians to cheat at their polling stations? If not, why should he be held responsible?

    The will of the Liberian people has been badly compromised by a segment of the population that’s in the minority. Brumskine is their permanent representative. Despite his and their destabilising maneuvering, Liberia will be okay.
    God, have mercy.

  4. Aye mehn Cllr Brumskine, you are going too far with this thing now ooh! Demanding NEC commissioners to recuse themselves raises more questions than answers. If they recuse themselves at this point, then who should preside over the case; how long do Liberians have to wait for a new set of commissioners to take over the case; what if NEC rules in your favor after discovering new evidences that back your allegations??…okay, let say there were new commissioners, what if you are not satisfied with the ruling by those new commissioners? Liberians have reached a critical point and there is no need going back and forth with this case. The Supreme Court has put it squarely to NEC to fast-track your case and move on with the elections. If you are not satisfied with the NEC’s final decision, then go right back to the Supreme Court. Why don’t you allow the process to go ahead as it is, then proceed to the court if you have other qualms…In as much it is important to pursue your case, it is far more important to stop interrupting the process and let the NEC follows a due process of law as advised by the Supreme Court. It is also far more important to feel the sentiment of the majority of Liberians who want this whole election thing to be over with. It is obvious that people don’t feel comfortable going about their normal lives with the elections still hanging over the country. At least, majority of Liberians can’t afford dragging this case to the point of reaching to unintended consequences.

    • At this age Lusene Sirleaf, Bruskine will not stop. I had a uncle just like Bruskine. Every small thing happened to him , he will run to the court house. This is Bruskine life now and must except him for his record. Once, it’s not his way then no one. From the get go, Bruskine has been running neck and neck with NEC. His vp pick was a problem. When NEC approached him, he took the case to court. As for the court, it is a different topic. We need to find Bruskine a babysitter because more law suits will come from him.

  5. No Bruskine, it is about you. Do you remember the fleet of cars and motor bikes brought into Liberia for Liberty Party? Do you remember Challenging the Code of Conduct? I dare you say that this is about my family in my village and others. Make no mistake, you need to slow down with this cheap and stupid act of yours. Your provocation is getting way out of hands. You call yourself a lawyer but sat your behind in Liberia when rapes, secret killings, young boys given drugs, families of all ages are in the streets begging all day etc. and did not do anything. You’re a greedy, selfish and mean individual. Please except your third place position and move on.

  6. Hilary Snyder,
    I totally agree that the October 10 elections were not 100% clean. But your suggestions or demands that are being placed on the NEC are a little too rough.
    Let’s assume for the time being that Korkoya admit that cheating occurred at “some” polling stations, but not at “all” polling stations. Does it make sense for the October 10 elections to be cancelled? Why?

    Come on Snyder. You write as an academic. You seem very knowledgeable. I applaud you tremendously based on how you express your ideas. But, you know mighty well that nothing is really, really perfect. Not even your latest car!

    I was an election judge in PG county, Maryland. I can state with an absolute degree of certainty that fraudulent acts did not occur at my assigned polling area. But, that doesn’t mean that cheating did not occur anywhere in the state. By the way, if there had not been any voting problem in the US, why did Trump and others complain that something has got to be done?

    I know that the name Trump could cause some goosebumps to rise all over you for a while. Don’t let that happen! But realistically, it’s been proven that voting in the U.S. has not been 100% honky-dory! As you know darn well, if and when an issue like this occurs, elections commissioners do not cancel any elections.

    Why should it be different in Liberia! I’d say let’s not feed into such hysteria. It is somehow counterproductive to make all sorts of unnecessary demands.

    Cancelling the October 10 elections would be the equivalent of a mockery of the Liberian people. I agree with you that Korkoya and others must be held responsible if they knowingly participated in any egregious act. I am not too sure that cancelling the October 10 elections is the right way to traverse.

    What happens if a rerun is called for? Will Johnson-Sirleaf continue to be president? Is that what the constitution mandates?

  7. I though sharing my experience in relation to the unfolding electoral uncertainty in Liberia, and the way Cllr.Brumskine and his LP and other colaborators, including the unthinkable UP are taking the process with the mindset for a rerun of the October 10,2017 elections. Elections, the world over have continued with disagreements and illregularies which NEC in this case is no exception. I do support the LP decision by testing our Justice system through the Court and also, I applaud the Suprme Court ruling and/ or Judgement to the complaint by LP which is good to Liberia’s Judicial independence and democratic governance. Now, given such critical nature of the runoff geared to a smooth and peaceful transition insight, I strongly want to condemm latest statement by Cllr.Brumskine of LP, demanding NEC’s Chairman and Commissioners to “Recuse” themselves from said investigation against mandates
    as contained the Court ruling of November 6,2017 on the basis of legal technicalities. Any delay aimed to buying time in this electoral process will probably cause more danger than expected.

  8. Stop pointing fingers and blaming anyone. As they say, it’s about the law/laws; not about the way we think/believe. Except where we want to change Liberia’s Constitution, this is a legitimate case. LAWYERS do not think and behave like everyone else. By the way, C.W. Brumskine just happens to be LAWYER…

  9. The law must take it course.. Brumskine will set precedent.
    This is the replay of the most corrupt
    Election in the world.This bad image had gone down in history, and it was Liberia.. Now it’s Liberia again.But not with Cllr Cllr Charles Walker Brumskine.. He must set matter straight..

  10. There will be no violence to get our next elected President of the Republic of Liberian. We must believe in the majority 57% now in control. We should believe in the power of the entire Liberian nation. Even this incumbent cannot commit herself to any Party, individual, or tyrant group because she has seen that none can help a peaceful transition but the majority in vote and abstinence based on the freedom of choice. The burden of a peaceful transfer is on her head also as a Liberian. She also has noticed that neither corruption or funds matters at the moment because all three branches did during her administration bridged the contract of equality of powers stealing functions, and other entitlements from one another, and not putting the nation first. She cannot be blamed only for these distractions, because corruption is not only stealing money. All have sinned. If any decisions as such to be made about the direction forthwith, will be left to the one who succeeds her as President without the Liberian this incumbent President leaving the Presidential seat being effected. The silent majority guarantees all Liberians safety during the activities of constitutionality. Our forefathers and founders planted it that way. Notwithstanding, She, this President, is getting out definitely after election of the next President and has no alternative but to stay within the remaining framework of her little about 0.01 tangent attached still to 34% platform of her power along side the legislative and judiciary which shares the same percentage in powers until after this election. The re-institution as result the past war has re-supplied equal tankers one of each to each branch of government; thus, there shall be no more civil nor military fight as was. The unforgotten Liberian lesson. Needless for the Liberian state to be frightened. The 20 aspirants were, irrespective of party affiliation, accepted by their promises and precincts to the Liberian people, have responsibly handled the Liberian democratic process appropriately because they may be truly traditionally cultured in all aspects of the Liberian family, society, and state. The Supreme stay on the run-off did not stop this NEC pallet chair from being ready, by printing and planting re-run plus run-off ballots at various precincts appropriately, to get ready for the decision made from electoral complaints. The appropriated surplus ballots can always be returned for repayment to government revenues based on accruals. We will not let tyrants decide the fate of our election any longer. Who ever exactly wins will be accepted by the people of Liberia. As the Supreme Court interprets, the Liberian election law will decide the final. No matter what you say or write, how you spy or observe, inwardly or externally, We will do it ourselves. This is our secret heritage. Only our intangibles can see. None else can see but we. Can you see, if not Liberian?
    Answer the Liberian Nation as a people.

  11. You Pallet incumbent NEC, We have the resources. The Liberia people got the money and Liberian Government operates on accruals; not on cash. We do not give for Hell where you get the ballots from. Print them, run-off or re-run to be ready for Liberians next decision. You must be ready for the next Supreme electoral verdict, if there will be, Supreme Court Decision within the framework of the time allotted your might be crocket looking Chair otherwise this NEC chair will be taken away by the Liberian people’s election laws.
    Gone to 57% silent majority. Answer the Republic of Liberia.
    DO Not reply this grave.

  12. Brumskine is RIGHT! The Commissioners at NEC blundered significantly, especially knowing that there was a petition before the Supreme Court. Instead, they went ahead with a press conference to cast doubt on the grievances of Liberty Party. Under this circumstance, the Supreme Court will uphold any petition prayed the Court by Liberty Party and Brumskine to have the Commissioners recuse themselves; as under the circumstance, they cannot render a fair and impartial judgement. These Commissioners, particularly Korkoya who is a lawyer, should have known better to remain mute whilst the Liberty Party’s petition was before the Court. In every way they have blundered and have to step aside.

  13. Clls Brumskine is not wrong by taking his Case to the supreme Court, but for now our fear as a Liberians is the word recuse.if these people recuse themselves how long with it take to get new body to preside over the Case?And again if these people preside over the Case and you are not satisfied and go back again to the supreme court then where is Liberia heading to? For peace sake, please listen to NEC like them preside over the case.

  14. Where are we going? One man hijacked millions of people their rights because he didn’t score his political goal November10.


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