Brumskine Cries Foul, Wants Election Rerun


The Opposition Liberty Party (LP) is demanding that the just ended election be rerun claiming that massive fraud and irregularities are to blame for preliminary results indicating that the LP performed poorly.

With 95.6 percent of the polling stations already counted, the LP standard bearer, Charles Walker Brumskine, has obtained a total vote count of 144, 353, representing 9.8 percent.

This result puts the LP flag bearer far behind a potential runoff between George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and governing Unity Party (UP) of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

As of today, the CDC has obtained  572,374 votes totaling 39.0 percent, followed by the UP with 427, 544 votes representing 29.1 percent, far outdistancing the LP’s 9.8 percent.

Brumskine said that the elections were faced with “serious gross irregularities and fraud that undercut the integrity of the process as well as denying voters their constitutional rights to vote.”

He added: “The preliminary results released by authorities of the National Elections Commissions (NEC) are not valid, because we at the LP have evidence to prove our case.”

Brumskine said that their evidences range from the stuffing of ballot boxes with marked ballot papers for another party than the LP in Nimba County by a NEC presiding officer; the  late opening of polls at some centers; and the omission of names and photographs from the voters’ roll.

“So many Liberians were deprived of their constitutional right to vote. We will, therefore, be requesting a re-run of the elections. The October 10 elections did not pass the minimum standards required for free, fair and transparent elections and Liberia deserves a valid, transparent election,” Brumskine alleged.

Henry Flomo, NEC communications director, has meanwhile refuted the LP’s claimed that the October 10 election was marred by fraud.

“Although the NEC has not received any complaint from the LP, but as far I am concerned, the just ended election was free, fair and transparent,” he said.

Meanwhile, international and local observers admitted that there were some challenges and irregularities during the process.

Samantha Smoot, National Democratic Institute (NDI) Mission Director, said the mission observed that the transfer of materials from voting precincts to magistrate offices was not done according to procedures or in a secure manner in some locations.

Madam Smoot added: “In some places, materials were taken and stored at magistrate warehouses overnight, and then intake processes were begun at the tallying centers on the morning of October 11.”

In other cases, she said “materials were transferred to the magistrate offices in the morning. The chain of custody for material between voting precincts and magistrate offices was often not monitored by observers and party agents.”


  1. Okay, we will rerun the election for you Charles B. You are right, Weah should have been 19th spot, Boakai, 20th spot, You (Charles) first spot and Urey Second spot, Cummings third spot, and Prince J. third spot.

  2. To hell with Charles Brumskine and his cohorts. There was no “fraud” according to international observers. This rascal feels that if things are not going his way then there is “fraud”. When will you get tired running? I guess this is your third or fourth time running to be President. Every time you run, the Liberian people turn you down. Why not use your common sense to know that the Liberian people do not want you to be their leader. This is the third or fourth time they have told you “No”. Yet, you keep running like a man crazy for power. You have been running for this position until your head has turned “bald”. I hope this is your last time running to be president of Liberia. The last election you cried foul when you said you took “third” place but they give your “third place” to Prince Johnson. Now you are crying again that you want Boakai’s place. Stop your nonsense and accept defeat. “Many are called, but few are chosen..”(Holy Bible).

  3. You Charlayboy, you are not born to be leader for the Liberian people when it comes to presidency. Please next time you can go for Senate position in Bassa and we will take you to the top. Please, please NTR.

  4. Look at the percentages Charley. There is no way you could have won. You’d better serve Liberia as a human rights LAWYER. That’s a “GOOD WAY” of paying your debt to Liberia. You’ve made plenty money making the whiteman and yourself very rich in Liberia.

  5. Thank God that we Liberian are very wise indee
    Charles Walker Burskine can not become president in this country because of his bad ways
    no citizens will elect him into office so let Burskine go and fine place to hide himself,Burskine do not have house in Liberia nothing he can show to his friends


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