Brumskine Announces Karnwea as Running Mate


Ahead of a planned convention in Saclepea today, Liberty Party standard bearer Charles Walker Brumskine has announced that former FDA managing director Harrison Karnwea will be his running mate in the October 2017 polls.

Cllr. Brumskine made the announcement  at the ground breaking of the Bahn-Buutuo road, which had cutoff for several years. The road will be repaired by Liberty Party.

The LP convention later today will formally announce the party’s officials and legislative aspirants.


  1. Interesting selection, but this will not sway Nimbaians en-mass to Liberty Party. I wonder if the Code of Conduct will have any impact on this selection?

    • This is a better choice for the presidency and vice presidency, as compare Prince Johnson, your choice for the presidency.

  2. Except the Code of Conduct in regards to the constitution of Liberia will not take effect. Otherwise, based on the Code of Conduct, I do not think Mr. Karnwea will be eligible. But we will see if our constitution will justify the means.

  3. Those who break the law to ascend to power will continue to break the law to remain in power. Brumskine intends to violate the Code of Conduct law. He should not be allowed.

    And, why is it that no Congo man is ever willing to serve as a Vice Presidential Running Mate to a Country man? The fact is, Cllr. Brumskine thinks he can use Karnweah as a bait to lure the Nimba People to his party. Let’s think of the plight of Enoch Dogolea who served as VP to now imprisoned Taylor. Did Vice President Dogolea make any difference despite the enormous sacrifices the people of Nimba had made to help Taylor.

  4. Why now “Liberty Party? this is how the Corruption starts, liberty party is now fixing road because they want the People’s vote, they will do anything and everything by any means but the after mark is corruption because all the money they are spending maybe it is borrowed or that’s Charles brumskine family saving and it must be replaced so his first priority as a president if he wins is to corrupt the country’s money and pay back all what they are doing. Liberia is awake: we know we the citizens of Liberia have to pay for all the pick-ups, road fixing, and all the other formality they are doing but we will stand up to them this time.


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