Brosius Vindicates Judge Morgan in US$3.4M ‘Illegal Bank Withdrawal’ Claim

Judge Eva Mappy Morgan, Head Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia

Mr. Amos Brosius, one of the contestant managers of Ducor Petroleum Incorporated (DPI), has dismissed as false and unfortunate reports that he persuaded several media outlets to accuse Judge Eva Mappy Morgan of withdrawing, without his consent, US$3.4 million out of the entity’s escrow account at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI).

The escrow account was opened based on a decision of the Commercial Court at the Temple of Justice where Morgan served as a chief judge of the three-man panel when Brosius was sued there for proper accounting of US$56 million worth of petroleum products allegedly supplied by Monrovia Oil Trading Company (MOTC) to DPI where Brosius was a manager.

Brosius’ statement was made when he appeared before the Court on a contempt charge  to show evidence relating to accusations carried in the media suggesting that the judge, without his authorization, withdrew within a seven-month period US$3.4 million from his account.

At his contempt proceedings on Monday, October 1, Brosius, who claims to own major shares of DPI, told the court that his statement was misquoted by the radio stations.

“At no time did I ever accuse you, Judge Morgan, of stealing US$3.4 million from my company’s account at the LBDI,” Brosius told the crowded courtroom.

“At no time did I ever accuse you, Judge Morgan, of stealing US$3.4 million from my company’s account at the LBDI,” Amos Brosius told the crowded courtroom.

Brosius also said he will not do anything to undermine the rule of law and disrespect the authority of courts throughout the country.

“This was why I brought my case to the court, because I trust it, and I know this is the place where I can get justice and redress,” he told the court, representing himself during his contempt hearing.

He was also ordered to produce evidence to support the allegation that Morgan allegedly stole the money within a period of seven months out of Ducor’s accounts and to show evidence that Judge Morgan was behind the sale of his homes and even appeared in the vicinity to visit the alleged purchaser of the property.

Brosius however denied   the allegations.

Brosius, who is not a lawyer, opted to defend himself during the contempt proceedings. But shortly afterwards, Judge Morgan, the head judge of the three-judge panel, lifted the contempt charge based upon Brosius’ denial.


  1. It is one thing to peter out, or deflate in this matter as you did Mr. Brosius, and understandably, given the odds against you in the unprincipled nature of the environment you operate in, but the looming question to you and the “fearsome judge” in question remains, is your money still intact? Some before you have stood their grounds in instances like this in speaking truth to power and regardless of the consequence as a matter of not only principle, but especially to expose the worthlessness and lack of integrity inherent in some of our so-called lawyers and judges. So why don’t you and this honorable judge verify that the amount in question is still intact, and the allegation of embezzlement of some of the money was a case of misinformation? Please!

  2. Agree the first thing to confirm is if the money is still intact in the bank and is not another case of “missing money”. At least this time it will not be a “Case of a Crawling Container”. After the verification, than we need to know who gave such erroneous and libelous statement to the newspaper. Sorry you cannot force the newspaper to give it source. But if it is proven that it is Mr. Brosius, sorry dude you have to face contempt charges for messing with a Judge like that.


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