Broh’s Taskforce Razes Ghettos in Sinkor

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The Presidential Taskforce for the Beautification of Monrovia over the weekend razed at least three ghettos on 25th Street and the Fiamah Community in Sinkor.

The taskforce, headed by the director-general of the General Services Agency (GSA), Mary T. Broh, also arrested over 20 persons suspected of being illicit drug dealers and users.

Madam Broh, who was ahead of the group razing and arresting the alleged drug users and dealers, could not speak to the Daily Observer on excuse that she had “talked too much during the day to other members of the press,” and was now tired of talking.

Nevertheless, some members of the taskforce who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity said they arrested a bag of dangerous substances from some of the suspects.

“Most of the people you see here are drug users. But those we caught as dealers will be processed by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and sent to court for prosecution because they are creating a bad social condition in the country. For the users, we may free them because they are just users,” a member of the taskforce said.

According to the taskforce, their action to raze ghettos and arrest suspected drug dealers and users is driven by the filthy condition of the areas they occupy, and also for posing a threat to peaceful citizens in their vicinities.

“See the place we just broke down near the road here, these men and women were living here while they make the surroundings filthy because they do not even have conscience to think that making the street dirty is unlawful,” another taskforce member remarked.

The drug dealers are said to be conducting business in various ways where they sometimes mix the illegal substances with locally produced snacks, such as cayenne and milk candy.

Cayenne is made of parched peanuts and a cassava product known as “gari” and sweetened with sugar.

Some onlookers said the homegrown marijuana is mixed with the cayenne ingredients so well, as to conceal the exact content of the substance. The milk candy and the drugs are also mixed together to evade detection by law enforcement officers.

“You will see it like real cayenne or milk candy, but don’t put it in your mouth because you will be going crazy just like the suspected users,” one of the onlookers said.

Meanwhile, residents in the area were exceedingly glad when they saw the suspected drug users and the alleged dealers arrested and their ghettos razed.

On the basis of their joy, a woman in the crowd expressed gratitude to Madam Mary Broh for the exercise, adding, “At least we will have a peaceful sleep during this festive season because some of those causing trouble for us here are arrested. They were going to be breaking into our houses all around here to steal the little we suffered to acquire.”

A young man who recently returned from Ghana added, “It would have been better had we, when Ellen was vying for reelection, replaced her with Mary Broh to complete the second term. If Mary Broh were President of this country, she was going to make Liberia to be in line with Ghana as Jerry Rawlings did. Whether it was Rawlings’ relative that owned a building in the alley or anywhere roads should pass, he would break it down himself. It is the similar style Mary Broh is doing here. The woman is so result-oriented that wherever her people are, she is also there taking part in the process to clean up the mess.”

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