‘#BringBackOurGirls’ Campaign Continues, -As Student Group Takes to the Street


As the status of 276 girls abducted in Nigeria nearly three months ago by the Islamist Boko Haram terrorists still lingers, Liberian students have protested in solidarity with their fellow students.

The Liberian students assembled at the Nigerian Embassy near Monrovia to call on Boko Haram to unconditionally release the girls.

The students gathered Friday, June 6, with placards bearing various inscriptions against the abduction. They converged in front of the Nigerian Embassy for a few hours chanting freedom slogan and songs, calling on the international community and the Government of Nigeria to pressurize Boko Haram to free the girls.

The inscriptions read:  “Education is a right.  Boko Haram, please free the girls to go to school,” and so on.

The students said they will continue to create the awareness until their abducted colleagues are free.

Few weeks ago, another group of students, youth and women groups had taken to the street in Monrovia to show their displeasure about the abduction of the girls by Boko Haram, describing the act as inhumane and a human right abuse.

Since the abduction of the schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria, not much is being heard from the group about their wellbeing or how they can be set free.

On May 5 it (Boko Haram) threatened to sell the girls but did not state to whom they would be sold and where, as surrounding countries including Cameroun, Child and Niger have not been suspected of having link with it.

A video display of some of the girls on the internet shows them wearing the Islamic veil.

Even though the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, had made a public vow to ensure that the girls are freed, observers think that not much action has been taken to prove the reality of what the President has said.

In the main time, attention of the Governments of France and United States has been drawn to the problem in Nigeria and they have strategized how to get the girls back from the hands of Boko Haram.

At the African Union (AU) level, the Chairperson of the AU Commission, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma recently said the activities of Boko Haram were posing threat to the stability and integration plan of Africa.

Responding to a question of what AU’s role is in the ongoing instability in Nigeria; Dr. Zuma said it was not wise to publicly disclose what AU is planning, but the umbrella organization upholding African solidarity was concerned and doing what it can to help the situation in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, condemnations against activities of Boko Haram have spread worldwide; with people of the Muslim faith even joining the fray.

Deceased emir of Kano, Al-Haji Ado Bayero who was buried on Saturday, June 8, always condemned Boko Haram while alive, describing the group’s activities as those of non-Muslim.  

Boko Haram which means “Western education is sinful,” has members who believe that western education and ideologies should be eliminated from Nigeria to adapt Islamic Sharia law.

Amidst condemnations from both Muslims and non-Muslims, it raises eye-brow as to whether this group on record for destroying human lives and properties in Nigeria in the name of Islam is really defending the Islamic faith or carrying out the act for different reason under the pretense of Islam.


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