“Bring Back Our Money” Protest Peaceful, But Persistent

Protesters coming down broad street from Crown Hill, going to join other protesters on Ashmun Street

“We want our money now, this is not about party, we will not comprise this L$16 billion issue. Crooks, bring back our money,” the protesters were heard chanting this morning as they converged on Monrovia from all directions.

There’s no telling how a planned public protest in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, will turn out. So generally, those who feel that even what little productive time or other resources they have, would best be held until well after the protest event has concluded. Some are brave enough to determine how safe or dangerous it may be on the streets but, as the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia warned its citizens over the weekend (paraphrased): “Be advised to stay away from the action, let the people do their thing.”

So it was, that many business centers in Monrovia did not open in anticipation of the planned protest to “Bring Back Our Money”. Schools are closed for the day in Monrovia as well. So far, the protest march appears peaceful, but persistent, never mind the fact that it has been raining all day. The Liberia National Police (LNP) is deployed as an escort “for the protection” of the protesters, as earlier promised by the Ministry of Justice.

People on social media have been debating as to whether there are even more than 1,000 protesters in attendance. It is also suggested that many in attendance are members of the now opposition political blocks, such as the “alliance” between the former ruling Unity Party, Liberty Party and the Alternative National Congress. Though the crowd photos available prove well over 1,000, the protesters are more concerned about the message they are sending to the Government of Liberia and its international partners, namely the United States Embassy, the European Delegation office and the United Nations.

“Bring back our money, we did not see such scandal under president Sirleaf, Weah bring our money back…” protesters are saying.


  1. yeah the good book said do not steal do not kill do not lie…so if they steal they will kill and lie this is evil is not of god. people should work to get what they want they can shine shoe they can load car they can sell things or they can go to the farm to work and make money sell red oil sell pakana oil sell cassave and so on

  2. Anyone notice the difference between our past protesters (Weah’s goons) and our present protesters (Bring Back our Money)??? Our present protesters were peaceful, but our past protesters were the polar opposite:

    Protesting the 2005 Presidential election run-off result, Weah’s goons stopped school children from going to school; they stopped market women from taking their goods to the market; and they vandalized other people’s private property during their so called “peace march” in 2006 !!

  3. Thank to our protesters, This is going to set legacy, instead of helping the Liberians, they are killing them it is the Country Gian. He has become strong in eating our money, but become Lazy to do the right thing, let the international Community exert more pressure on this government that bring back back our money.
    And to the protesters. These people have taken our so stopping the International Community from bringing aid to this Country will be causing a chaotic condition, because we will be suffering our selves. Thank to the Daily Observer for keeping us in touched.

  4. Let`s the government gives the people the protection while they are protesting, but the protestors should be aware that destroying others properties will Not go down well the government.

    Destroying people`s properties will be seen as sabotage…One can demonstrate, protest but don`t destroy properties be it government or personal properties..


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