Bride-to-be Caught with Lover in Hotel


A 27-year-old woman who could not resist the temptation of spending the eve of her wedding with her married boyfriend, was booked by her fiancé who happened to be sitting at the receptionist desk as they emerged from their hotel room.

The woman, identified only as Massa, was to be wedded to a man, identified as James, on Saturday, March 5. On Friday, March 4, Massa left the Clara Town residence she and James shared and went to an afternoon rendezvous outside Monrovia, with the boyfriend.

The hotel in which the couple spent the afternoon happens to be owned by James’s aunt. James happened to be at the hotel that Friday, innocently visiting the aunt to inform her about the final preparations of his wedding to his beloved Massa. The couple had been together for eight years and their relationship is blessed with two boys. They intended to move into their almost completed house after the wedding.

The Daily Observer learned James had always accused Massa of being involved with the married man she was caught with, but she had denied her fiancé’s allegation. Until, Friday, March 4.

“James was sitting in the reception area at the hotel that afternoon,” said an eyewitness, “so when Massa and her boyfriend came from the hotel room to pass through the reception center, James saw them.”

Massa, the eyewitness said, looked as though the earth should swallow her after being caught. “She could not run to the room she and the boyfriend had come from because they had already locked it. All she did was broke down in tears, calling for her mother to come for her.”

James returned home and, out of frustration and shame, announced that the wedding was cancelled.

“The wedding band he paid US$1,200 for, he sold for US$300,” according to information from Clara Town. James also offered the wedding cake to neighbors to celebrate his disappointment.

The shame of the unfortunate incident, according to information, has affected Massa’s family to an extent that they don’t want to see her around.

Disgraced, Massa is said to have retreated to Grand Cape Mount County to escape the tension.

James’s family sources said after what they called the disgraceful episode, there was “no way Massa would be allowed to marry James.”

James is a recent UMU graduate, and two years ago got a job with a non-governmental organization, family sources said. They added that James, though disappointed, is nonetheless thankful to God that Massa exposed herself before they could enter marriage.

“He is taking the issue very seriously and we are afraid that he may not be able to trust women for some time,” a source said.

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