Brewerville Mayor Promises 4 Lots to ‘Charity Liberia’

Brewerville-Mayor Curtis.jpg
Brewerville Mayor and District #17 aspirant, George Curtis

Brewerville City Mayor George V. Curtis has promised to provide four lots to a local humanitarian group, Charity Liberia to complete its maiden project: building a home for old people that will take care of their daily needs, including health and recreation.
Charity Liberia, celebrating United Nations enacted World Humanitarian Day at a program held at the Brewerville City Hall, yesterday announced the project.
Project representative Abednego S. Allison explained the rationale behind the project: “In our society whenever you are old, people don’t value you and as a result our old people suffer many pains.”
Allison said it was predicated upon the suffering of the old people that his organization, during the celebration decided to launch the project.
Mayor Curtis said his father, the legendary Alfred B. Curtis, the first mayor of the city and deputy speaker of the House of Representatives in the TWP era, before his death, resided in an Old Folks Home in the United States.
“I know what it means to be an old man in our society and that’s why I am impressed with the project by Charity Liberia.
“It’s been my dream for a similar project and therefore I am going to work with your association and will provide you four lots, that is one acre for the project,” Mayor Curtis said, to a wide applause.
Curtis said he would reach out with the larger society, including the public and the private sectors to mobilize support for the completion of the project.
“I feel great about this project,” Curtis declared, “and my administration is willing to support any of such brilliant ideas from any of our residents to improve the lives of our people.”
He said the City of Brewerville and its various departments, including the police, are working assiduously to ensure the realization of better living conditions for the people.
He announced his fullest support towards the Charity Liberia’s first major project and assured the community that only through collective effort could better things happen for them.
Curtis said Brewerville City was founded in 1870 but unfortunately does not benefit from budgetary allocation from the Government of Liberia and he wants that to change. He launched the project with U$60.
The humanitarian organization, Alfred B. Curtis Sr. Foundation (ABC) in his father’s memory was organized in 2014 to carry out his legacies and it involves in education, health and sanitation, agriculture, women empowerment, community development, youth empowerment, sports and recreation and human rights advocacy for Liberians.
ABC solicits funds from local and international donor agencies.


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