Breaking News: Prof. Wilson Tarpeh, Eugene Nagbe, Others Reshuffled


President George Manneh Weah has made several appointments in government affecting several ministries.

Those appointed with immediate effect and subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable are:

Ministry of National Defense
Prince K. Vincent Deputy Minister/Operations

Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Mawine G. Diggs Minister
Debra Nebo Deputy Minister/Industry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Comfort Sawyer Deputy Minister/Administration

Ministry of Education
Tarnue Marwolo Bongolee Assistant Minister/Planning

Ministry of Labor
Hannah Macaulay Karbo Deputy Minister Manpower Development

National Public Health Institute of Liberia
Jane Macculay  Director General

Ministry of Information
Ledgerhood Julius Rennie  Minister

Liberia Boardcasting System (ELBC)
Estella Liberty -Kemoh Director General

Liberia Maritime Authority
Eugene Lenn Nagbe Commissioner

National Security Agency
Binta Nah Jalloh Deputy Director/VIP

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Marcus Zehyoue Director General

Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC)
Atty. George H. Dahn Commissioner

Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA)
Prof Wilson K. Tarpeh Executive Director

Juvenile Court, Montserrado County
Atty. Lucrezia Thomas Anderson Judge


  1. Same old dead woods relocated to old fire places. Will they burn ? Oh habits do not died easily. Minister Nagbe, the dig hole, cover hole guy is in the right place to dig more holes for the regime, and coverup more holes. Nagbe is sick, and will not retired for the love of money. Instead of enjoying his life, wants to be flown to Ghana for the same one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. Like the VP and the Minister of Public works. As a medically sick man, do not under estimate him. He can still dig hole to cover hole.
    Professor Wilson Tarpeh, the failed Professor from the University of Liberia school of business who couldn’t plan on how to distribute food for the virus, and had to outsource it, the regime is too embarrassed to let him go just like that. Perhaps, because of tribal affiliations, the regime found a hiding place for him. But be not discouraged Professor, there is more money at EPA. There are organizations and world institutions that makes donations to that agency through the UNDP. Have you ever seen the amount activities put out by the EPA lately? Day workers are hired by the EPA to carry out awareness occasionally under the supervision of UNDP. There is money there. One thing though, as it is a habit of shutting down Lebanese businesses, you will have your hands full and some.
    It is fair to say that the nation awaits real and meaningful and sustainable change. Not relocating people from one office to another calling it reshuffling. Of course that is exactly what it is. Unproductive out, Unproductive in. The nation has seen the handy works of the reshuffled officials, having no meaningful impact. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . That James Davis Oooooooooo-oh, calling a spade a spade.


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