BREAKING NEWS: Police, Citizens Clash over ‘Ritualistic Killings’ Near 15 Gate

Armed police on the scene in Kingsville Number 7 Community and fired several rounds of ammunition to disperse the demonstrators, who retaliated by throwing stones at the police. (Photo: Joaquin M. Sendolo)

A riot squad from the Liberia National Police (LNP) descended with firepower on a citizens’ demonstration against the alleged killing of two boys for ritual purposes. The demonstration took place around 12:00 p.m. in the Kingsville Number 7 community, along the Paynesville-Kakata Highway, in the vicinity of 15 Gate.

The boys, age 9 and 10, who were reported missing for several days in early June, were later discovered dead with body parts missing. Residents told the Daily Observer today that, upon discovery of their corpses, the private part was extracted from one of the boys and from the other boy, an eye was extracted.

According to an elderly resident of the Kingsville Number 7 Community, following the discovery of the boys’ corpses, police arrested three “prime suspects”, as well as a fourth — an old man on whose land the boys were discovered. Later, according to the resident, police allegedly released the first three suspects on grounds of insufficient evidence, leaving only the old man in police custody.

Since then community members have been agitated over the apparent silence of the police on the matter, especially given the release of the three suspects. Therefore, Around mid-day today, they setup a blockade along the Paynesville-Kakata highway to call public attention their grievance.

Shortly thereafter, armed police arrived on the scene and allegedly fired several rounds of ammunition to disperse the demonstrators, who retaliated by throwing stones at the police. One person is said to have been shot dead and another wounded.

The boys have since been buried. Meanwhile, the roadblock was cleared by around 3:00 p.m. and residents of the community are currently meeting to determine their next course of action.

Details to follow.


  1. Why use live rounds and not tear gas? Just curious. These protesters have legitimate concerns. It’s so sad that in the 21st century, primitive acts such as ritualistic killings still take place in an OLD COUNTRY like LIBERIA. Educate all your citizens, LIBERIA. Education takes away some of these medieval, occult beliefs and practices. HUMAN LIVES matter even if they are poor.

  2. Mob violence is often driven by malicious misinformation; so, who told vigilantes the released guys were picked up originally as “prime suspects”, and why Margibi after the burning down of a police station for reportedly another mysterious death? Every homicide will be investigated, but law enforcement response isn’t the only solution to grave public safety threats.

    Perhaps, legislators, county officials, and tribal authorities should coordinate in addressing the various allegations of ritualistic killings in the county before the incidents become uncontrollable. As for the alleged fatal shooting, a prompt internal police enquiry is necessary to determine what actually happened. That’s why a multi-pronged approach, along with intelligence collection capacity, becomes necessary to nip in the bud whatever emanating from Margibi County.


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