BRC, LNRCS Resume Partnership


The British Red Cross Society (BRCS) has resumed its support and collaboration with the Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) after over two years of withdrawal, LNRCS Secretary General, Fayiah Tamba, has announced.

The BRCS decision to re-open working relationship with its Liberian counterpart was reached at a partnership meeting held in the United Kingdom recently where the LNRCS had gone to participate.

The LNRCS was represented at the UK Partnership meeting by its president Emmanuel Kparh and Secretary General, Tamba.

The BRC, which has been one of the biggest supporters of the LNRCS, decided to withdraw its support due to what was then  observed as misappropriation and lack of accountability in the operations of the society under previous regime.

Addressing a press conference in Monrovia yesterday,  SG Tamba told newsmen that the LNRCS is gratified to have successfully persuaded their British counterpart to recommit to support LNRCS again.

The LRCN is the only humanitarian organization that is  established in the 15 counties. 

The LNRCS was established by an Act of Legislature in 1919 and amended in 2008 with the mandate to serve as an auxiliary to government’s social service delivery.

The 2008 revised Act provides that the government should allocate annual budgetary support to the society to fully carry out its statutory mandate, but this yet to be fully achieved.

The LNRCS is Liberia’s  foremost and largest humanitarian organization, which provides community based health services, disaster management, water and sanitation, food security, child advocacy and rehabilitation projects as well as its Women Training and Integration project.

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