Brazil Wants Liberian Embassy

Amb. Sulunteh greets President Dilma-eweb.jpg

The Brazilian Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Paulo Cordeiro De Andrade Pinto, has stressed the need for a Liberian Embassy to be established in Brazil.

Under Sec. Pinto made the request to Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, Liberia’s Ambassador to Washington recently.

Amb. Sulunteh was one of the Brazilian government’s foreign guests invited to witness the second term inauguration of President Dilma Vana Rouseff, the 36th and current president of that South American nation. Amb. Sulunteh was representing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was unable to attend.

The Liberian diplomat’s meeting with Under Sec. Pinto followed the inauguration of President Rouseff.

According to a dispatch from the Liberian Embassy in Washington, Amb. Sulunteh and Mr. Pinto’s held discussions on opening  bilateral and diplomatic collaboration with Liberia towards fulfilling their request.

Amb. Sulunteh stated that the Brazilian foreign affairs official mentioned that Liberia has always supported Brazil. 

Brazil currently has an embassy in Monrovia. There are Brazilians working with ArcelorMittal affiliates and, according to Mr. Pinto, “98 percent of sea routes of Brazil fly the Liberian Flag.”

The Brazilian Under Secretary promised to send a cable to the Brazilian Embassy in Washington to cooperate with the Liberian Embassy there on the way forward, the Liberian Embassy’s dispatch said.

Both men also talked about the Ebola situation in Liberia. Amb. Sulunteh stated that Under Secretary Pinto had asked what Brazil could do to assist Liberia with its post-Ebola recovery.

“The following areas of critical need were suggested for support: health sector reform, agriculture and food security,” according to the dispatch.

“Under Secretary Pinto pledged his government’s support and said the appropriate request will be channeled through the United Nations Center for Excellence, as required by Brazilian Law,” the Liberian Embassy said.

President Rousseff is the first woman to be elected President of Brazil. She was previously the Chief of Staff of former President Luiz da Silva from 2005 to 2010.


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