Brazil Gives US$7M to Combat Ebola in Affected Countries


The Brazilian Embassy in Monrovia has announced that its government has donated US$7,142,546 in response to the Ebola epidemic, which has deeply affected Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The Brazilians have said their money, which is going to be used through the United Nations, is their humanitarian cooperation in the fight against the virus in these three countries.

The South American nation’s contribution comes at a time when the disease rate of infection is receding in Liberia ; being declared [stable] in Guinea by the World Health Organization (WHO) ; and still ravishing neighboring Sierra Leone.

Despite its gradual decline, health experts have, however, warned Liberians and other residents, not to forget about the preventive measures geared toward stopping the spread of the disease, which has so far killed more than 2,500 persons in Liberia alone and over 5000 in the entire West African region.

The Ebola crisis has greatly affected the economies of the three hardest hit countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The World Bank Group and other financial institutions have contributed significant amounts to these countries’ economies with the hope that they can help the recovery process.

Despite the Brazilians’ donation going through the UN Systems to the affected nations, it is part of the number of donations in both cash and kind that are coming to the affected nations.

The Brazilian embassy in Monrovia said the amount has already been transferred to New York and will be distributed, through the Brazilian Permanent Mission to the United Nations, to the following United Nations agencies/funds: World Health Organization (WHO) – US$ 4,799,257; World Food Program (WFP) – US$ 1,740,444; and UN Ebola Trust Fund – US$ 602,845.

Though what has been achieved so far in the fight against the Ebola epidemic is the result of joint efforts, the Brazilian Government wishes to congratulate all the Liberian and foreign health workers for their outstanding work in the line of duty, and to manifest its solidarity and long-standing friendship to the People and Government of the Republic of Liberia.


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