BRAC Pledges Support to Poultry Farmers


Non-governmental organization BRAC-Liberia has promised to support farmers, especially women, in the poultry industry.

Presently BRAC-Liberia supports a functional poultry hatchery in the country and is producing more than 3,000 Day Old Chicks (DOCs) and 1 ton of poultry feed every week, thus keeping its promise to poultry farmers.

Touring BRAC’s project in Buchanan recently, Mofizur Rahman, BRAC-Liberia’s Farm Manager, said if farmers invest more in the poultry industry, the nation will not only reduce hunger, but will also help empower women economically.

There is a need for women to get involved in poultry farming because it will enable them to achieve and improve their nutritional needs and earn better incomes, he said.

Mr. Rahman noted “we produce over 1,500 layers and 1,500 chicks per week, depending on market demand.”

The essence of the farm is not limited to providing direct employment for Liberians, he said, but also to stimulate self-employment in the poultry sector, especially in rearing layers.

Marketing of poultry products (live and frozen chickens) and both pig and poultry feed raw materials (maize grains, soya bean meal, oyster shell and bone meal), provide jobs in the sector. In this regard, 13 Liberians are doing their jobs in different sections on the farm.

“We are in the position to achieve the task of providing necessary inputs to poultry farmers and also play a key role in the production and improvement of poultry in the country,” Mr. Rahman said.

According to Rahman, BRAC management has put in place necessary facilities for rearing brown layers for production of table eggs, hatchery for the production of quality day-old chicks, feed mill for production of poultry feeds (layer mash, grower mash, broiler mash, etc.) and manpower distribution/marketing of poultry products.

“We are confident that this will have a multiple effect on the economy and positively affect the gross domestic product (GDP).

“It will also bring the crop sector back into the limelight as we envisage pressure on the sector to produce more corn for the poultry feed as noted by the BRAC Country Representative, Mohammed Abdus Salam,” he said.

He, however, said that BRAC is trying to establish a poultry value chain, including all the stakeholders, to increase Liberia’s poultry population as well as income generation for the young and, particularly, women.

“We believe that in the near future it will become a milestone for poultry development in Liberia,” he said.


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