BRAC Liberia Gets Outstanding NGO 2013-2014 Award

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    Royal Communications Incorporated has awarded BRAC Liberia for what they termed “Outstanding contributions in helping the Government of Liberia in buttressing its Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS).”

    BRAC is a non-governmental organization (NGO), engaged in providing microfinance/micro-loans to vulnerable Liberians as well as helping to boost the agriculture sector.

    According to the director of news and program at Royal Communications Incorporated, Francis Pelenah, the award came about following intensive discussions among editors and a survey of views among Liberians and non-Liberians. After much deliberations, they came up with BRAC as the outstanding NGO of the year 2013.

    Upon receiving the award, BRAC’s Country Representative, Mr. Mohammed Abdus Salam, thanked the RCI for their efforts to award his organization (BRAC) as the year’s outstanding NGO for its commitment to the people of Liberia.

    He said building the capacity of local groups is a priority for the organization and that they need to support them by encouraging them to do more to reduce the poverty rate in the country.

    Mr. Salam also said that his organization is aimed at building the agriculture sector and supporting the poor for economic development.

    “We are working with poor people in five counties in Liberia by giving out micro-loans to women in order to help them develop themselves.”

    He further stated that his organization would continue to provide loans for the underprivileged; adding: “Giving loans to women will also help them engage in farming and other kind of businesses, which will help to  boost the overall economy of Liberia.”

    He disclosed that his organization is also working on health programs to reduce maternal mortality and teenage pregnancy reduction in the country.

    “BRAC is a very smooth running organization that doesn’t take long to give loans to its customers,” he boasted.

    Other members of the BRAC organization like, Dr.Mahmud Hossain, the Program Manager and Sadhan Dey, the Managing Director of BRAC Microfinance, expressed satisfaction about the award given to them. They promised to work tirelessly to improve the lives of most Liberians and the economy.


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