Boy, 4, Needs Help to Pass Urine

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Little Philip Zinnah Jr., 4, of Congotown in Monrovia needs help from an urologist (doctor who treats disorders of the urinary tract) as a result of a botched circumcision.

Zinnah’s nightmare began July 20, 2012, when his circumcision carried out at a local clinic in Monrovia went the wrong way, his father told the Daily Observer in an interview last Friday.

Mr. Zinnah said he is currently unemployed and cannot afford the medical bills that would result from taking his son to an urologist for treatment.

He explained that after it was discovered that his son’s circumcision was not properly done, the boy was sent to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Sinkor for further attention.

At the JFK Hospital, he was informed that his son would need the services of a specialist to restore the boy’s damaged penis.

“I want help for my son,” Mr. Zinnah said, “so that he can live a normal life like other children.”

According to a medical report from the JFK Medical Center dated July 30, 2012, little Zinnah was seen and diagnosed with penile injury and difficulty urinating.

“The father claimed that his son’s penis head was cut off when he was being circumcised and physical examination revealed a well-nourished, alert, conscious child who was in no apparent distress. The boy’s penis appears abnormally short with the absence of the glans penis.

“A pin sized urethral opening is present with discharge of urine on palpation of the penile stump,” the medical report, signed by Surgical Resident, Dr. Saygbeh M. Vanyanbah and approved by Dr. Billy C. Johnson, MD, said.

The report further states that “the scrotum is present with both testicles palpable.”

The report’s impression suggests a traumatic amputation of the glans penis and a urethral stenosis. It recommended that the “patient requires intervention by an urologist for proper management and evaluation.”

For financial and moral support, Mr. Zinnah says he can be reached on mobile numbers 0886-930-404 and 0770-690-998.


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