Boy, 3, Needs Botched Circumcision Repaired Abroad


Dr. Lawrence Sherman, General Surgeon at the Firestone Health Services, has recommended treatment abroad for three year-old Philip Zinnah Jr. to repair glands on his penis damaged as a result of a poorly performed circumcision.

A medical report signed by Dr. Sherman dated April 2, 2014, said Zinnah will need the services of a specialized doctor (urologist) to prevent further damage to his glands and (for Zinnah) to have some form of a penis.

According to Philip Zinnah Sr., a physician assistant, whom he did not identify, circumcised his son at the TB Annex, Oldest Congo Town in Monrovia on January 4, 2014.

He said he later discovered that his son’s circumcision was not properly done.

“My son cries every time he pee-pees,” said the worried father, “and I have been trying to get medical help to correct the mistake on his penis.”

Dr. Sherman’s medical report further states, “Our institution on March 17, 2014 received complaint of painful and difficult urination” by the boy.

The boy’s mother, the medical report indicated, had “a pre-natal and post-natal period and the child received all required vaccinations.”

“Physical examination revealed a healthy looking two year old at the appropriate development milestone.”

The report further said that when the boy was examined it was discovered that his “penis appeared absent but was palpable below the skin fold.”

“There was pinpoint opening in the skin covering the gland with a noticeable absence of the penile head and both tests were palpable in the scrotum.

“An impression of traumatic amputation of the penile head with urethra-stenosis was made and Urethral Dilatation was performed to relieve the dysuria.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Zinnah has appealed to well-meaning Liberians, NGOs, church groups, humanitarian organizations, government officials, among others to come to their aid.

He can be contacted through the mobile phone numbers; (+231) 0886-930-404, (+231)0770-690-998.


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