Boy, 17, Dies at Sand Mine in Grand Gedeh County


A boy believed to be in his mid teens is said to have died at a sand mine in Pokor Town, near Zwedru City, the political capital of Grand Gedeh County.

According to reports reaching the Daily Observer Nimba Desk, Sam Sharty, Jr., 17, and his six-year old brother went to mine sand over the weekend when a landslide occurred and suddenly ‘buried’ him under the debris.

Eyewitnesses said his little brother, who was unable to rescue his dying brother, rushed to call residents from a nearby village for help, but by the time the rescue team arrived, Sharty’s entire body was buried under debris where was discovered dead.

“The late Sam Sharty got trapped by the falling sand, while he was digging,” his little brother told Smile FM, a community radio in Zwedru.

“He tried to free himself while shouting for help, but there was no bigger person around to have helped pull him over until I stopped hearing his voice,” the 6-yr old brother of the deceased narrated in tears.

Sharty’s lifeless body was removed from the debris by those who rushed on the scene with the hope of rescuing him. The exercise, according to the report, was carried out in the presence of a few officers of the Liberia National Police from the county detachment.

Family members buried Sharty’s remains on Monday, March 4, 2019 in his home  town.

His father, Sam Sharty, Sr., expressed regret over the death of his son, adding that his son and some of his age-mates have been in sand mining and rock crushing business over the years but, to see him die this way is so regrettable.

Poker and other surrounding towns in the district are noted for having deposits of “river” sand for construction, for which many locals rush daily to purchase the commodity, according to the report.

One pickup load of sand and crush rocks are sold between L$500–700 in the district.

Poker Town is located in the B’hai Administrative District, Grand Gedeh County, from where Sharty and his half-brother have kept their family surviving all the while on sand mining.


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